Missa Sancti Josephi (ZWV 14) to be recorded

  • I must say that it is a pleasure to announce that Ensemble Inégal under Adam Viktora will be recording Missa Sancti Josephi (ZWV 14) next month for the Nibiru label. I believe that they will also record Da pacem Domine (ZWV 167) - from about 1740 - at the same time. As far as I know, both recordings will be world-premières. I guess we can expect the CD to be issued before midsummer!

  • After Il Diamante was released, I wondered if and what work Adam and his orchestra would preform. Zwv 16, 61, 151 and 177 are composed 1730 and later. So I figured, he probably wanted to record his 4. Zelenka album from this period too. Only two unrecorded masses are to choose from, Zwv 14 and 15, and some smaler works.
    Kyrie Zwv 14 is the movement I have listened the most in the digital libary. To know this movement is going to be availible this year is very, very happy news.
    I am very grateful Adam Viktora and his orchestra are presenting Zelenka's treasures.

  • I attended Ensemble Inegale's concert last Wednesday. To my surprise, the Litaniae Xaverianae ZWV 155 was the work performed alongside Missa Sancti Josephi ZWV 14, as I had expected Da Pacem Domine ZWV 167. But I can't complain and it will be good to have a new recording of this Litany since the Australian version is not the best. It's a good work and was very well performed. The Dresden composers did have had a field day with the litany texts. Zelenka's many versions are excellent and I have just been revisiting the Litaniae Omnium Sanctorum ZWV 153 which is brilliant and terrifying at the same time. One of Heinichen's litanies I have a recording of is a spirited work, and so is one of Schürer's version. And I would give an arm to hear Ristori's version, as it is one of his few sacred works that have survived in Dresden.

    Hearing a Zelenka Mass for the first time is a great moment. And this one had everything, great choruses, solid fugues and nice arias. Hana Blazikova sang a couple and was wonderful as ever. The best moment for me was the Et in terra pax. It was very touching. It was slow, lucid and majestic, perfectly displaying the words of the text. The Sanctus was strong as well with the powerful Pleni sunt coeli part almost taking the roof of the church. No wonder Zelenka reused the musical idea in the Requiem ZWV 46. There are actually quite a few bits one recognised from other works. The members of the band also did mention this, having performed a lot of Zelenka they should know. It is dawning on me, now that there is more and more music recorded, how clever and practical he was when it comes to the art of recycling. Zelenka wrote no Credo for this mass. I must admit it felt a bit strange that it was lacking.

    Ensemble Inegale played with their usual vigour. I had the opportunity to thank Adam for the concert and for everything he is doing for our composer. He is a loyal general in the Zelenka army. The publisher of Nibiru, Tomas Janecek was there, selling his releases like hot cakes. I've told him how important it is what he is doing. The next cd is already recorded and should see the light of day sometime next autumn. Hopefully he will manage to get a good distribution for his cd's but I know from experience how hard this can be, even though one has a good product. And I also did manage to thank the person whose name you will now know from the cd covers of Ensemble Inegale, Ing. Arch. Hynek Gloser. As a true Zelenka fan he is sponsoring these releases and is truly very important.

    I'd like to add to this that yesterday I listened to a great concert here in the Dreikönigskirche, with works from four of the Dresden composers played by the Dresden Barockorchester and Sächsiches Vocalensemble. Naumann's and Hasse's Miserere, two cantatas by Homilius and an incredibly beautiful and original setting of the Stabat Mater by Joseph Schuster. I do hope they will record this repertoire. A concert like this helps one to understand and appreciate how magnificent the Dresden orchestra of old really was and how the court composers built on the traditions and standards that were set long before, continuing all the way until the present day with the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden. It still is one **** of an instrument.


  • Yes, Joseph Schuster is a wonderful composer and his continuing neglect is very frustrating. I can believe his Stabat Mater would be gorgeous, since he was a truly gifted melodist among other qualities. One of his operas, Demofoonte, was recorded a couple of years ago - quite a successful recording despite a couple of unimpressive singers.

  • Hello, all fellow-addicts!

    Nibiru-publishers.com states, that the Missa Sancti Josephi will be released in October. But - and here is the good news for all waiting - there are short mp3-files issued to get a first impression of the recording.

    Best wishes from Germany!

  • A man behind Nibiru Tomáš Janeček has told me that the release of the CD has been delayed due to some minor corrections in the booklet. He will be distributing the orders in the mid November.


  • Hello all!

    A merry Christmas to all the Zelenkaforumers around the world! Only a few days for Christmas my copy of the Missa Sancti Josephi arrived today (and tomorrow the Requiem will be delivered!) and I am quite delighted. Together with the Zelenka mass I ordered the Ensemble Inegale recording of the Dvorak mass - also a really great work.

    May the crowd of those grow, who love Zelenkas music!


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