"Gramophone Awards"

  • Thomas Hengelbrock's CD of Lotti, Porpora and Zelenka has won this year's award in the Baroque Vocal category. In the same issue, this month, Bernius' Missa Votiva is designated as one of the best of the month. Every little helps in Zelenka appreciation!
    Incidentally I do try to keep up to date my survey of current and recently available CDs of Zelenka's music. See the homepage of this website/news, foot of the page. I have had very, very little feedback since the survey was first posted a couple of years ago, and I would welcome comments and suggestions.

  • Hi David,

    Well, you've had feedback from me. This document represents a huge amount of work, and I for one appreciate it a great deal.

    I wonder what you are going to write about the next offering from Adam Viktora and company, which is due out any day...

    Best wishes.


  • Hi
    The link is to our own http://www.jdzelenka.net/news.htm, then, at the very foot of that news page, click on "here" to download the .pdf or to trawl through the document on your screen.

    I cover about 110 works by Zelenka over about 70 CDs in the following order:
    Offices for the Dead, Requiems, Works for Hoy Week, Oratorios;
    Music for Vespers, Marian Antiphons, Magnificats, Te Deum settings, Litanies, Secular vocal works;
    Instrumental works: the sonatas; orchestral works.
    There is a short , and very personal, "recommended library."

    As said earlier, I try to keep the survey up to date; it already covers for example, Bernius' Missa Votiva and Alma Redemptoris Mater by Collegium Marianum as referred to in recent postings.

    My views are personal in that I respond to what works for me as a non-technical listener - thus there is always room for disagreement! But I try to describe why one version might work [for me] and others don't, in the hope that readers will gain an idea whether it might work for them also.

    I hope that you will find the survey both enjoyable and useful!


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