Requiem & Officium Defunctorum

  • Marketa Cukrova, the wonderful solo alto known from the Collegium 1704 recordings just told me that the Requiem & Officium Defunctorum ZWV 46, 47 will be published on CD next week and available in the stores in January. This is really good news.

    Best wishes from Dusseldorf

  • was among the first distributors to announce the release of Zelenka's Officium defunctorum & Requiem for August The Strong's funeral in 1733. The albumwill be available on their website from 25 November.
    I'm especially delighted to read that a complete 2CD-recording appears to have been produced, with all the 9 readings (Lectio) from the beautiful Book of Job together with their responsories and the requiem itself. Only very few composers have the spiritual and intellectual ability required to interpret this text in an equally profound musical counterpart.
    Based on the 2009-concert uploaded on Youtube (Collegium 1704's characteristically expressive approach certainly adds to the experience), I'm tempted to claim that Zwv 47 & 46 is JDZ's most representative project: It is a masterpiece of unity in multiplicity, an endless variation within a clear structure. One finds both choruses, plain chant, solistic and instrumental components which all show him at his most inventive. Although the work was performed in the course of 3 days, the different pieces balance each other very well, and fit remarkably well together. This is truly Zelenka in a nutshell!

    Accent's well-considered choice of cover illustration increases my expectations about the world premiere complete (hopefully) production of maybe the most important rediscovery of a large liturgical work since JS Bach in the early 19th century!
    My deepest gratitude to everyone involved for this amazing Christmas present.

  • Thanks, SK!

    And thanks, l'infastidito, for the information on where to order the CD.

    Interesting that this is coming out on the Accent label instead of Zig-Zag. They must have finished their contract with Zig-Zag(?).

    Does anyone know if this recording is a live recording from the performance? Or is it something done afterwards?

    Wonderful cover picture!


  • Both CDs - The 61,5 min officium defunctorum as well as the 40 min requiem -were recorded between 6 and 11 June 2010 in Studio Domovina in Prague. I have no confirmed information about changes in the cast, but think the alto Daniel Taylor (from Bernius' latest three masses) participated.
    Booklet has notes in Frenc, English and German, with the sung texts in Latin translated into the same three languages.

    So, we can look forward to having two independent recordings (the first unofficial, though) of these masterpieces.

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