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  • I have now heard both the new recordings mentioned in earlier posts:Missa Sancti Josephi ZWV14 and Litaniae Xaverianae ZWV155 performed by Ensemble Inégal under Viktora, and the Officium Defunctorum and Requiem ZWV46 and 47 performed by Collegium 1704 etc under Luks.
    Both are spectacularly wonderful, and leap into the essential list. I have criticised Luks before for over-hasty speeds, but not here - the performance is deeply spiritual as well as virtuosic.
    Full reviews will be incorporated shortly into my overall survey on the News page of this website but no-one should hesitate to place immediate orders!
    The numbers are: Viktora is on Nibiru 01532231 and Luks on Accent 24244 [2xCDs]
    For a taste of parts of the Requiem and Officium, put Zelenka ZWV46 and 47 into Google and follow the Youtube links.

  • re ZWV 46/7, early last month I paid through both nostrils to Amazon UK, more than for any other pair of discs EVER! No regrets whatsoever, however! I don't know their provenance, but it was not through one of Amazon's links.

    I say in my review shortly to be incorporated into my survey that the chalumeau player deserves billing with the soloists. His duets with the mezzo are wonderful! But the whole performance is inspired and "lived in" as one can see from the Youtube extracts.

    I do also recommend making up your own single disc from the pair to include the Invocation, one of the Lectiones and its Response, followed by the Requiem, than you can have in the car an appropriately cumulative experience.
    In some ways it is as revelatory as Il Diamante.

    Please excuse my ignorance - but what doe "PM me" mean/

  • You can download a stream of this recording from Naxos Music Library. Quality is CD if you're a member.

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