Sonatas 4-6 recorded by Pasticcio Barocco

  • There is a new disc of Trio Sonatas in the works this month:

    Pasticcio Barocco
    Label-Hérisson 005
    ZELENKA Sonates N° 4,5 et 6 pour 2 hautbois, basson et continuo
    David Walter et Hélène Gueuret Hautbois
    Fany Maselli Basson
    Mathieu Dupouy Clavecin
    Esther Brayer Contrebasse
    Rémi Cassaigne Théorbe

    I believe they play on modern instruments.
    This is available Feb 23 according to
    I would assume they will record Sonatas 1-3 at some point as well.

    Is it just me, or does it seem that France has become a hotbed for Zelenka appreciation?


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