Missa Sancti Josephi/Lit. Xaverianae gets Diapason award

  • The new recording of ZWV14 and ZWV155 by Ensemble Inégal on the Nibiru label got a Diapason award (Diapason Découverte). :)

    Is this a candidate for the "Outstanding Recordings" page? All opinions are welcome...

  • Interesting that Elwro made a comparison with the great Missa Omnium Sanctorum (ZWV 21), when he probably didn't know at the time that that particular mass was next to be recorded by Ensemble Inégal!

    I suggested a recording of ZWV 21 to Adam Viktora when I met him in November, 2009. He listened! :)

  • This is a wonderful performance of outstanding music. I bought the CD on a first-ever visit to Berlin in March and have recently had time to listen repeatedly to both works. I spend longest with tracks 14 to the end and I also love the clarinos. Remember how I didn't know that baroque trumpets are known as clarinos and here they are providing joyful sounds for us again. Don't hesitate!
    Andrew Hinds

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