Ristori sacred works

  • The pdf of a book about Ristori by Curt Rudolf Mengelberg is available here : http://openlibrary.org/books/O…/Giovanni_Alberto_Ristori
    It was published in 1916, before many manuscripts were lost.

    It contains some examples including excerpts of a Gloria (p.90), a Requiem (p.102), a Stabat Mater (p.123), and a list of the works (p.142).
    Curiously the Requiem excerpt is a rework of the ZWV46 beginning, with different orchestration and string/woodwind arrangement, very nice.
    It looks like the borrowings from his colleague are common as in the Messa per il Santissimo Natale.
    From the Stabat Mater we have a lovely fugue on Quando corpus morietur,
    at least it seems not from JDZ.

    Thanks to djdresden for sharing his interest in Ristori.


  • Thanks SK, for the sharing the link to Mengelberg's important book, and the post about Ristori. This calls for a short update on this front:

    While the vast majority of Ristori's sacred works are lost from Dresden, the good news is that some copies have been turning up in Poland, and especially in the Czech Republic, where a number of Masses exist.

    Recently, scans of many of his secular works, operas, arias, cantatas and serenatas have been put online in the SLUB website for all to see and admire.

    In June, his Calandro will be performed in Berlin, see: http://www.musikfestspiele-potsdam.de/

    A reminder that the new recording of the Divoti Affetti sacred duets, is now out on Accent as earlier announced here in the Forum.

    Last November I gave a paper about Ristori's remarkable time in Naples 1738-40, at the Pergolesi conference in Dresden. The proceedings will be published next year. It has now become clear that at the time, Ristori played an important role in the transmission of Neopolitan baroque music North of the Alps. For more on this fascinating topic, which surely should be of interest to Zelenka fans, I can recommend Claudio Bacciagaluppi's fantastic book on the Neopolitan Masses in Europe. It has a great chapter on the Naples sources found in Dresden, including the copies in Zelenka's collection, and also what Claudio calls "Ristoris Sammlung":
    Claudio Bacciagaluppi, Rom, Prag, Dresden: Pergolesi und die Neapolitanische Messe in Europa, Kassel, Bärenreiter, 2010 (Schweizer Beiträge zur Musikwissenschaft, 14).


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