Zelenka's Oratories Zwv 58, 59 & 60 To Be Recorded In May


    Some among you might know that Collegium Marianum is currently performing a concert program in Prague entitled "Al Santo Sepolcro", which includes Zelenka's three early Latin sepolcro-oratories commissioned from his home country in 1709, 1712 & 1716. For details, see their homepage, collegiummarianum.cz, and especially http://www.collegiummarianum.c…/2010/01/Sepolcro_eng.pdf
    The most exciting news, however, is that according to the ensemble's manager Vojtěch Semerád, these concerts are going to culminate in a recording of the following compositions in May for release on CD during autumn 2011:
    Immisit Dominus pestilentiam ZWV 58 (Klementinum 1709)
    Deus Dux fortissimae ZWV 60 (Klementinum 1716)
    Attendite et videte ZWV 59 (Klementinum 1712)
    It seems to be Collegium Marianum's first all-Zelenka disc. Because the radio recording of Hugo's performance of the same works from 2002 was never released, this means we can look forward to another substantial world premiere recording. Certainly it will provide a crucial contribution to our knowledge about the early Zelenka, as almost nothing from before 1722 - except the famous chamber sonatas - has been documented on CD so far.

  • The waiting time is finally over!
    Supraphon announces that this eagerly awaited CD is going to be released 21 October 2011: http://www.dvdinform.cz/supraphon/supraphon-rijen-2011 (Scroll down to about the middle of the page to read their introduction).
    [Blocked Image: http://www.dvdinform.cz/images/stories/2011/hudba/supraphon/10/sU40682.jpg
    Except for a couple of fragments, Zwv 58 (1709) is JDZ's earliest surviving work, from before he arrived in Dresden around 1711. All three sepolcri were composed before Zelenka studied in Vienna (and probably Italy) c.1716-1719. (Zwv 59: 1712 and Zwv 60:1716). So far only the soprano aria "Orate pro me, lacrimae has been recorded, also by Collegium Marianum: http://youtu.be/Z_eTFK-SAFI . Congratulations to Jana Semeradova's ensemble for a substantial and (in all probability) highly competent contribution to the Zelenka revival.

  • Got my CD today. Listened to it once and Im going to listen to it many times in future! Balance between the different voices (singers and instruments) are good, everyone preforming is a delight to listen to. Excellent CD.

  • A very enjoyable CD with a sumptuous booklet. Listening for the 2nd time. I'm especially enjoying the fugues. Quite a few of the movements were reworked later on, although it will take me some time to figure everything out. I'm 100% sure about track no. 6. Later on the CD there's also the ZWV 1 "big" fugue in the old style, here set to a different text.

    A mandatory purchase for any Zelenka fan, although not ideal as an introduction to the composer.

  • WOW. I really hope everyone has bought this CD. It has hardly left my player since it arrived last month. Stunningly performed by Collegium Marianum, as David Nelson rightly says in his survey, with Hana Blazikova in fantastic form along with Tomas Král, who has been excellent in the last few Zelenka recordings. And the music is so amazingly beautiful, the arias, the choruses, everything is just perfect here. I consider this to be one of the greatest and most important releases of Zelenka's music.

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