Scraping every last manuscript

  • Thanks to manuscripts published by the SLUB, here are new baroque mock-ups:
    ZWV 129 Regina caeli, ZWV 130 Regina caeli, ZWV 139 Salve Regina.

    ZWV 8 Quoniam tu solus Sanctus completed with a published score by Butz Verlag based on a complete manuscript.

    New (temporary) mp3s for :
    ZWV 85 Credidi, ZWV 91 In convertendo, ZWV 96 De Profundis


  • As always very interesting to listen to new manuscripts. ZWV 8 Quoniam tu solus Sanctus was very nicely done. One remark; I didnt know the two last movements in Zwv 139 can be found in reworking of miserere Zwv 56.

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