Ensemble Inégal to record Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis (ZWV 17)

  • If all goes according to plans, Adam Viktora and associates will record ZWV 17 in late September. This will be the third-ever recording of this work. :)

    See the "Live Performances" section for more information on ZWV 17.

  • Wonderful! Can't wait! Adam Victora & company don't rest on their laurels. Ensemble Inegal's ambitions on Zelenka's behalf are truly impressive. Although Musica Florea's 1994 version of ZWV 17 remains among my favourite CDs, it's quite old now, and Victora's independent solution to ZWV 21 has increased my curiousity about how other late masses might sound under his baton. When he was able to challenge Bernius' authoritative interpretation of ZWV 21 with his own surprising yet convincing alternative approach, based on careful examination of the score, who knows what Adam Victora has to say about ZWV 17? In addition to the autograph in Dresden, there's an old set of parts for this mass in Prague to consider.
    We can only speculate about the companion piece to this long mass (c. 55-60 min), if any. If the liturgical context will be their guiding principle, this clearly defines the choices. Zelenka appears to have composed two shorter works specifically for the feast of the Holy Trinity: "Gaude laetare" (ZWV 168)...de S.S.Trinitate, the only surviving composition classified as a motet that remains unperformed, and the choral hymn "Jam sol recessit" (ZWV 115) (See Stockigt, p. 92). But if one prefers other guiding principles, this question is again entirely open. The only thing we can be certain of, is the quality of the end result.:)

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