Zelenka CD Cover Contest -- The Capriccios

  • Sono Luminus and Bach Sinfonia Announce a Zelenka CD Cover Contest!!

    Come up with a CD design concept and win a copy of the new recording of the Zelenka Capriccios, signed by The Bach Sinfonia conductor, Daniel Abraham (release date: late September 2012). The winner will also receive 6 CDs of their choice from the Sono Luminus (http://www.sonoluminus.com) catalog.

    The Bach Sinfonia has just completed the recording of all five of Zelenka’s Capriccios (ZWV 182-5, 190).

    No one knows Zelenka as well as the contributors to the Zelenka forum, so we are turning to you to help conceptualize the ideal CD cover design for a new period instrument recording of the Capriccios, Zelenka’s most important cycle of orchestral works.

    • The design does not need to be realized, we are looking only for the best concept.
    • Sono Luminus’ graphic designer will realize the winning idea.
    • We are not looking for a traditional, “Old Master” artwork cover, but rather something bold that is either contemporary/modern or has a a contemporary/modern flair that will help spark interest in Zelenka’s great music.
    • You may submit as many concepts as you like for a chance to win.
    • The winner will be acknowledged in the disc's liner booklet, will receive a copy signed by conductor Daniel Abraham, as well as 6 titles of their choice from the Sono Luminus catalog (http://www.sonoluminus.com)
    • Design concept(s) must be submitted on June 8, 2012 by 5pm EDT (GMT -4 hours) Email all submissions to: dmerceruio@sonoluminus.com
    • Designs do not need to be realized although sketches or mock-ups may be sent. We are more interested in exciting concepts that will be noticed.
    • Concepts submitted become the property of Sono Luminus. Sono Luminus reserves the right to incorporate, edit, and finalize the design as necessary.
    • The winner, once selected, will be notified via e-mail by June 20, 2012.

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