New Zelenka solo CD with premiere recordings

  • To my knowledge a solo CD containing motets and arias by Zelenka only has so far never been released. But finally the moment has come! The Swiss ensemble Capriccio Barockorchester has made the following recording in collaboration with countertenor Alex Potter:…olo-Motetten/hnum/2928933 . We remember Mr. Potter from Ensemble Inegal's first Zelenka CD "Il serpente di bronzo" ZWV 61. (It is maybe not a coincidence that the ZWVs 29 and 164 which Ensemble Inegal transcribed for their latest CD, are now recorded again by Potter). Personally I'm not familiar with the Capriccio Barockorchester, though, but performances issued on the Pan label are usually of good quality. Alma redemptoris mater ZWV 126 and Dormi nate, dormi Deus ZWV 171 are officially recorded for the first time. So is also Sollicitus fossor ZWV 209, a hitherto overlooked work because it has only recently been convincingly attributed to Zelenka. Then only one (ZWV 211) remains unrecorded of the group of three Zelenka motets with bassoon obbligato (in addition to the now twice recorded ZWV 164), according to Janice Stocigt's foreword to the new Missa omnium sanctorum (ZWV 21) CD.
    It is encouraging to observe that Zelenka gradually attracts more attention both among listeners and practising musicians. Even more important than mere quantity is perhaps that people who stumble across Zelenka seem to establish a lasting relationship, because to know him is to love him.


  • The CD is now available at Classics Online:…/product.aspx?pid=1650207

    On first listening the orchestral pieces have a bit slower pace than on the other recordings... and e.g. the opening of "I penitenti (...)" eschews the ferocity of the Luks recording, driving for more poetic values ;) In fact, the whole recording seems to be taken at leisurely tempos.

    The vocal pieces make this a must-buy!

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