Looking for Zelenka arias for bass voice and small ensemble

  • Hello all,

    I am a Bass singer and am doing PhD work in Czech art song and opera, but have recently joined a baroque ensemble in Toronto Ontario Canada. I have loved the Czech Baroque and am on the hunt for printed scores, or PDF's of Zelenka arias for Bass voice. In particular, I am looking for the score to Deus Dux Fortissime, ZWV 60. I am willing to pay, but have yet to find a published version of this piece. Any thoughts?

    Also, i am fairly new to Zelenka, but have fallen in love with his works. Any other recommendations for Bass arias?



  • Here are the works for bass voice that Zelenka wrote, taken from the database on Discover Zelenka. ZWV 71 has been recorded, and there is a fine rendition by Tomas Kral available on YouTube.

    ZWV 37 Agnus Dei. Key: C. Composed: 1722-c.1724. Type of work: Vocal. [B, solo; SATB, ch.; Ob.; 2Vn.; B.c.] Category: Mass Movement.

    ZWV 71 Confitebor tibi Domine. Key: C minor. Composed: 1729. Type of work: Vocal. [B, solo; 2Ob.; 2Vn.; Va.; Org.] Category: Psalm, Magnificat, or Hymn Setting.

    ZWV 82 Laudate pueri. Key: F. Composed: c.1725. Type of work: Vocal. [B, solo; SSA, ch.; Tpt.; 2Vn.; Va.; Org.] Category: Psalm, Magnificat, or Hymn Setting.

    ZWV 139 Salve Regina. Key: D minor. Composed: 1724. Type of work: Vocal. [B, solo; 2Ob.; 2Vn.; B.c.] Category: Marian Antiphon.

    ZWV 165 Motet: Chvalte Boha silného. Key: G. Composed: 1725. Type of work: Vocal. [B, solo; 2Hn.; 2Ob.; 2Vn.; Va.; B.c.] Category: Short Liturgical or Spiritual Work.

    ZWV 176 Italian arias, number 8. Key: C. Composed: 1733. Type of work: Vocal. [B, solo (#8); 2Vn.; Va.; B.c.] Category: Secular Vocal Work.

  • Hello,

    You can find manuscripts made public here : http://digital.slub-dresden.de/kollektionen/
    The ZWV176 (Mus.2358-I-1/a) has the #8 (p97) for Bass.

    For the ZWV60, you can purchase a copy of the manuscript and edit your score.

    Also there are arias for bass in the masses, check the free scores in the E-downloads.


  • Thanks for the link! Do you know a good link to purchase a copy of the ZWV60 manuscript? I would gladly do that, but have had trouble finding it through google and the like. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the great list!


  • Hello,

    You can contact http://www.collegiummarianum.cz/en
    maybe they have a score available.


    You can get the autograph, but, according to Stockigt's book, it is severely damaged, contact her to know how much. (there is a sample chapter of her book talking about that work at the oup.com site).

    To search the manuscript at the Dresden library:
    choose "Musikquellen bis 1983" and search "Zelenka" (you need java enabled in your browser)
    the manuscript of ZWV60 is Mus 2358-D-76.

    to request a digital copy:
    choose "Collections - Music"

    for the price read Digitalisierungsauftrag at

    Good luck,

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