Missa Votiva - Rademann recording

  • Does anyone have any further information regarding when this recording might be released? This is the only one of the five late masses that is yet to receive a satisfactory recording, in my opinion. This would be a very welcome addition to the catalogue.

  • Dear Derek,

    I expect that it will be on Carus or Raumklang and be released some time in 2007. I have now made enquiries...

    By the way, in my humble opinion the Thorofon recording of Missa Votiva, although not on original instruments and a bit reverberant, is really lovely. Certainly, we will get new insights into the work with the new recording.

    All the best. /Alistair

  • I heard from Tobias Rosenthal (music management) in Leipzig that the plans to issue the September 16 concert of Missa Votiva on CD have been scrapped. He imagines that Hans-Christoph Rademann was not satisfied with the recording. That is a great pity. :(

    [There is still the July concert of Missa Votiva by the same line-up. This was played on MDR Figaro in September. Perhaps it will be considered for CD release.]

  • Friends,

    it seems that we'll get a new recording of Missa Votiva from the czech orchestra Collegium 1704. The website of its agent informs that this is a project for the label Zig Zag Territories. Interestingly the word natá?ení is used which means filming... a film project?! See the link below. Collegium 1704 will perform the Missa Votiva at the following festivals during the summer:

    Pražské jaro, Dresden Festspiele, Festival de Sablé, Festival de la Chaise-Dieu

    Especially good to see ZZT is doing this as it's one of the most exciting labels around. Last year's release of Venturini's op.1 concertos/overture suites (1714) was a revelation, simply the best orchestral cd I heard all year, from La Cetra and David Plantier. Venturini was the concertmaster at the Hanover court from 1713, and his op.1 is richly orchestrated with some fabulous writing for strings, oboes and bassoons. This is one of the earliest examples of the mixed style which was later developed in Dresden. Copies of this work are kept in the Dresden library so I guess the court orchestra had a field day with this!


  • Hello Johannes,

    Thanks for the info. I've just been at a concert of Collegium 1704 in Brno.
    In fact it was just a torso (two members and two guests from Germany)
    performing Zelenka's 3rd Trio Sonata. Its chief director Václav Luks is a Zelenka devotee and indeed they will be performing Missa Votiva in Prague during the
    festival Prague's Spring.
    By the way "natáčení" in this sense of word means a "recording" of a music rather than a filming.

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