New recording featuring Tomáš Král

  • For all admirers of Tomáš Král: there's a new CD featuring him, from CD Accord:

    of music by G.G. Gorczycki (died 1734), the composer at the Wawel Castle in Krakow.

    I bought it. The packaging is lavish, the booklet very nice. But I cannot report on the music: I was so excited that the CD cracked when I tried to pry it from the case (which is a bit different from the usual cases). This is the first time this happened to me; I feel quite stupid, but I still feel the CD case should be designed differently.

    Oh well, I'm not sure I'll pay full price for this a second time... I guess I will and I'll just call it a very exceptional, expensive CD. But I'll listen to it first at the shop ;)

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