Zwv 7 missa paschalis to be recorded in june by ensemble inegal!

  • Ensemble Inegal doesn't have time to rest on their laurels, despite the efforts that they must have put into their latest triumph with ZWV 168 and ZWV 17 ! Performancewise, the December 2012 release is my personal E.I.- favourite next to the Zwv 16/151 CD from 2007.

    Now, according to their concert agenda, Adam Victora and his enthusiastic troops are going to record "Missa paschalis" (Zwv 7) 22-27 June in Prague, following three performances just after Easter (12-14 April). See: . Another demanding world premiere project, in other words. I don't know about the rest of you, but for me it becomes more and more evident the more I reflect upon the situation just how fortunate both Zelenka and today's musical world are: To have an ensemble with such an exemplary mixture of musicological curiosity, musical competence and genuine passion as faithful ambassadors is truly exceptional. Words will never suffice to describe this.

    As for the companion piece, if any, nothing has been announced yet. If they choose to construct a Holy Week program there are still many alternatives. Nothing stands out clearly based on these criteria, unlike the case with ZWV 168 "Gaude, laetare" last time. But among the substantial works that already HAVE BEEN recorded, on the other hand, two stand out in my opinion: ZWV 90 "Laetatus sum" - the best musical setting of all times of this psalm by any composer anywhere - and the ZWV 153 "Litaniae omnium sanctorum" (1735) - Zelenka's black pearl which first intruduced his late style, with a dark monumentality that is almost scary - , both SCREAM out for new, updated recordings. But maybe it's just me? Maybe you guys think differently...?SVF

  • No, l'infastidito, I don't think differently. I totally agree with your judgements of ZWV 90 and ZWV 153. And the recordings from the Czech Republic that we have already are really too old.

  • No, l'infastidito, I don't think differently. I totally agree with your judgements of ZWV 90 and ZWV 153. And the recordings from the Czech Republic that we have already are really too old.

    This is brilliant news: I fully agree that we are so lucky that Zelenka has gained not only the commitment but also the awe-inspiring musicianship of Adam Victora and his colleagues.

    Andrew Hinds recently introduced me to the old Panton recording of In exitu Israel ZWV83; this too is a work which would benefit from a recording by our heroes!

  • Good news indeed! I have missed recordings of earlier masses by Zelenka. So far we only been blessed with Zwv 8 and 11, two recordings each.
    My favorite part is the first movement in Gloria. (Listen to Zwv 7 in e-downloads.)
    As a second piece I hope for one of the unrecorded Litanae, perhaps one of the two with trumpets and timpani.

  • By now most Forum members are aware of Ensemble Inegal's recent concerts and upcoming recording of zwv 7 Missa Paschalis. Yesterday Czech TV broadcasted a 1,5 min short coverage about what seems to be the concert rehearsals before the world premiere in Prague last Friday. Unfortunately the sounds from the musical part and the interview part are not separated in the short video, but one catches glimpses of some movements like the "et resurrexit" intro after c. 50 seconds, see:…elenku-s-ensemble-inegal/

    And then there appears to be something else...something GREAT if my Google Translate doesn't betray me on the meaning of the very last phrase of the interview: "Nyní se soubor rozhodl nastudovat celé Zelenkovo dílo.": "Now we [i.e. Ensemble Inegal] have decided to study the complete works of Zelenka". Maybe the Czech speaking members have something to add here, but if a decision to study and record ALL Zelenka works can be confirmed, the Jan Dismas Zelenka studies are about to enter into a totally new era, almost like before and after Christ! Projects about recording the complete output of well-known composers like Bach and Vivaldi are impressive enough, but it REALLY takes guts and courage to make the same commitment to less famous composers like JDZ, although his production is smaller. I've said something similar before, but the circumstances seem to have changed: This is almost too big to understand. Ensemble Inegal's Zelenka initiative is so overwhelming that we need to take many steps away from it in time before we can find a distance or position which allows us to have a full view of this initiative's historical greatness.

  • That would fill me and everyone else, I'm sure, with radiant joy! Let's hope that is a right translation!! Wonderful!
    Cannot think of anyone better than Essemble Inegal to do it.
    Missa Paschalis will be a nice addition too, can't wait for its release. Intruiged to know what other Zelenka piece they'll combine it with on the disc.

  • Yes, it is correct. A speaker of the Czech TV 24 really said: "Nyní se soubor rozhodl nastudovat celé Zelenkovo dílo." However, the translation would be: "Now the Ensemble have decided to study/to record the complete works of Zelenka". I would say this means even "to record", but the sentence was IMHO said by a TV man, not by Adam Viktora himself, who however also appeared in the film. So maybe all this means that Ensemble Inegal would record all 21 masses (and some other works), but probably not the complete works of Zelenka.

  • No, l'infastidito, I don't think differently. I totally agree with your judgements of ZWV 90 and ZWV 153. And the recordings from the Czech Republic that we have already are really too old.

    Ensemble Inegal's newest Zelenka-CD has now been announced on the Nibiru site. An unusually intimate and captivating version of Christ's Resurrection on Easter Sunday is already selected for the cover - their most beautiful since the Zwv 14 + 155 - illustration: http://www.nibiru-publishers.c…udba&Start=0&lang=English . We'll get the world premiere of the "Missa paschalis", of course, but also the worls premiere on original instruments of JDZ's first late-style masterpiece "Litaniae omnium sanctorum"! Everybody is undoubtedly eager and impatient, but I presume they'll take the time needed to correct errors like the missing -k- in the second tenor's surname, and to include the missing Zwv-numbers...

  • Thanks for this news. Nice cover! This image is very preliminary, as they usually release before Christmas, so I think Mr Janecek of Nibiru will see to it that the final product has no bad spelling mistakes.

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