Missa Circumscisionis

  • I want to ask about the original recording of Missa Circumscisionis on Swiss Pan.

    I know that this was originally an LP release from the 80s, but was there actually a CD release? The LP number is 10013, but according to the Japanese "Hipocondrie" site at http://www.algolab.co.jp/~lum/music/, there was a CD release also, with catalogue number "510,013".

    (Incidentally, the above site can be translated (kind of!) by visiting http://babelfish.altavista.com, pasting in the above URL, and selecting Japanese to English.)

    Back to business: does anyone have the Swiss Pan CD? Has anyone seen it?

    If you have heard the LP or a CD equivalent - what is the performance like, and what is the quality of the sound?



  • I have both LP's in front of me, unearthed specially. My strong preference at that time was for the excellent PAN10013 World-Premiere Recording from November 1982. Christopherous 73 989 (1983 released 1988) has the nicer cover.
    I tried hard to get the CD 510013 (whenever it came out) but it appeared not to be available in the UK. I see that the sleeve notes of both LP's are only in German and so you should try in Switzerland and/or Germany for a second-hand copy.
    If I ever manage to find my old LP deck, I would like to remind myself about the performance. I don't think the LP deck was thrown out - nothing else is!
    The performances are similar in length 39min 27sec (Pan) and 40min 18 sec (Chrostophorus). Pan's Kyrie is half a minute slower and the Gloria is half a minute faster than the Christophorus version.
    Perhaps a semi-official approach to the Thurgauer Kammerchor or Barockensemble would bear fruit, 25 years on. A new version of this work is overdue from someone really good.

  • Many thanks for this information, Andrew, especially about the quality of the Swiss Pan performance. I contacted Swiss Pan to ask about the CD, and they have no record of a CD being produced!

    If anyone else has this recording, I would be grateful for some comments on the performance and sound.

  • I'm looking at the Swiss Pan CD 510013 - one of less than 1100 produced in 1987 and 1991 - that I was able to buy at Gilbert Joseph (chain booksellers etc.) in Grenoble about a fortnight ago.
    I only discovered this shop because (to my wife's unashamed amusement) staff at my usual shop when we visit Grenoble, FNAC, were on strike for better pay on the day we went there. It is confirmed once again that every cloud has its silver lining!
    Those present at the performance in Kreuzlingen (near Lake Constance) in 1982 (according to the sleeve notes) were impressed by the instrumentation, the expressive force and the daring harmonies (listen to the mortuorum in the Credo!). The feeling of discovering a masterpiece was very strong indeed.
    My view about the performance is that those present were inspired by the occasion and produced an overall result that is well worth buying. Settle for modern instruments; the oboe at times produces wonderful effects and the trumpets and trombones - bassoon too - provide controlled and rhythmical performances to support a fine soprano and other good soloists. The conductor must have been inspired too.
    I'm delighted to hear that Alistair has made more enquiries and has just successfully negotiated an arrangement with Swiss Pan that will enable enthusiasts to obtain this music.
    Andrew Hinds

  • Hi Scott,

    I have answered you elsewhere on the forum. The sound of this analogue recording is first-class and the performance is very good, with a special atmosphere. They used modern instruments, though.

    Best wishes.


  • Alistair-

    Thanks for your response- I suspect that tracking down and purchasing this recording is the surest way to guarantee a new one on period instruments will soon appear. LOL.


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