Missa Paschalis & Litaniae Omnium Sanctorum

  • Just received an email from Mr. Janeček at Nibiru that this recording is now officially released.

    Jan Dismas Zelenka

    Missa Paschalis ZWV 7
    Litaniae Omnium Sanctorum ZWV 153

    Cyril Auvity - tenor
    Marián Krejčík – bass
    Gabriela Eibenová – soprano
    Terry Wey – alto

    Adam Viktora
    Ensemble Inégal
    Prague Baroque Soloists

    These are the only retailers I know of online at the moment:

    I know what I want for Christmas! :)

  • I have had this recording for some time and must say that this is truly a fantastic release. I am completely blown away by Missa Paschalis. It is one of Zelenka's most inspired, brilliant and majestic works, with the hair-raising trumpets and timpanis constantly playing a big role. The melody of the Kyrie/Dona nobis pacem is just awesome. So is the heavenly Amen fugue in Cum Sancto Spiritu/Et vitam venturi saeculi, showing Zelenka's mastery of the subject. Parts of the Mass even reminded me of Missa Dei Patris, f.e. in the trio of the Quoniam. The dark-hued Litany is another late masterpiece from Zelenka, and it's great to have a new recording of this important work.

    The performance is one of Ensemble Inegale's finest, the tempos are natural and flowing, and the vocal forces excellent. Gratulations to Adam and Mr. Tomas Janacek and his Nibiru label for making this great release possible.

  • Zwv 7 also works for Christmas!
    Again, there is only one thing to say, after several spellbinding listening experiences with "Missa paschalis" and "Litaniae omnium sanctorum" - and I know I speak for many others as well: Thank you Ensemble Inegal!
    One must agree with djdresden's views. ZWV 153 I knew would be wonderful, and that E.I.'s sophisticated string instrument playing and deep understanding of the vocal and choral elements of this music would finally do full justice to the composition. All soloists - vocal and instrumental - are world class.
    The Mass, on the other hand, was a true discovery in the sense that I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. Zelenka creates another masterpiece of musical architecture, repeating two movements, "amen" & "kyrie", without sounding repetitive. Still, another brass instrument movement, "et resurrexit", seems to be the nucleus of ZWV 7. JDZ appears to have used it as a musical reference both to the title of the mass and its intended liturgical use - something the cover painting captures perfectly. But apart from the Boss himself, Adam Viktora, these wonderfully uplifting effects are captured musically thanks to Hannes Rux and his incredible team of trumpet players. Ensemble Inegal is very lucky to have them. The intimate and reflective arias between offer the composition air and space to breathe in between the heavy elements, and also met the Dresden court's need to express religion as quiet personal devotion as well, and not merely as public display. Zelenka's employer must have been very satisfied!
    Stocigt's liner notes are wonderfully specific about details regarding the works and their context. The surviving source material is the condition for
    everything else. Interestingly, all the copies elsewhere are from the Mass' early version.
    After this CD I'm even more excited about what the future will bring us in the course of Ensemble Inegal's Zelenka discovery, probably the world's most important ongoing early music project now when all works by Zelenka's equals Bach and Händel are available.
    There's only one thing to criticize in my opinion: It's getting increasingly difficult to decide which is my favourite recording. Performancewise, the
    competition is now hard between Zwv 7 + 153, Zwv 17 + 168 and Zwv 16 + 151...

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