Requiem in D ZWV 46

  • Hello,

    The requiem in D ZWV 46 can be found on :
    - Supraphon 60CO-1596 (2 CDs), Czech Philharmonic Chorus and orchestra, conducted by Vaclav Neumann and Lubomir Matl, 1985.
    - Camerata Tokyo CDT-1016, Kusatsu Commemorative Recording, 1993. (booklet mentions erroneously ZWV 43 and World Premier)


  • Many thanks. This is obviously something that I have missed in the database, and should be corrected.

    One correction for people reading this page: as you pointed out in a private e-mail, skiaouros, the 2-CD issue was on Denon/Nippon Columbia (Japan) but the original recording and LP issue was from Supraphon.

    Greetings from Sweden. /A.

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