All of Zelenkas works on CD?

  • Hello!

    I know that this would be a dream. But do you think that there will be a time when Zelenkas music ist so well known that one courageous CD label will bring out the whole ZWV on CD? How many CDs would be necessary?

    And by the way, does anobody know about new recordings of Zelenka masses to come out? What about his psalms?

    Best wishes! David

  • Hi David,

    we could have to wait decades ? to see the complete works released. Still, it's only little more than 30 years since the first complete recording of the Trio Sonatas, and 25 years since the first serious recordings of the vocal works appeared. So I always think that things have moved pretty fast in terms of Zelenka releases although sometimes it seems an eternity between cd's with new music.

    Now around half of his works have been recorded, so there is still a long way to go. Who knows how the situation in the recording business will be in a few years? Actually it's the smaller labels in Europe that are doing alright, labels with a clear view of what they want to do and achieve plus a healthy love for the music they are releasing. Labels like Brilliant Classics have been doing the complete works of Bach and Mozart, and other interesting complete sets, and they are ambitious. I met up with them earlier this year in a conference as I represent them here in Iceland and the quantity they are selling worldwide is mindboggling. This they do by licensing earlier recordings from other labels, and this would be the way IF Zelenka complete works would be released.

    The only new recording on the horizon seems to be the Collegium 1704 version of Missa Votiva on ZZT. I listened to their live broadcast and it was quite different from the Dresden Barockorchester/Rademann version last year. The Czechs always play their man with a different swing, and the Gloria was very exciting in their hands. I look forward to have this on cd. And both versions are superior to the old Wehnert cd. But let's hope Bernius will do it one day. His versions of the masses are truly outstanding. He should do all the masses...

    Finally David, can you help with the Reqiuem recording you mentioned earlier in the forum? I wrote to the address you gave but they insisted they didn't have this. Please let me know. In the meantime, it's good to have a dream!

  • Another recording of the Requiem ZWV 45 and one of the Miserere ZWV 57 will be released on Metronome (by Fiori Musicali/Penelope Rapson) later this year. It was recorded in the UK in the early spring.

  • Maybe I can ask David another question about the requiem recording. (A few weeks ago, like DJ Dresden, I sent a message towards the German lady you referred to but got no reply...) Do you perhaps have any details about the conductor or the ensemble? Great to find tips like yours on this wonderful forum!

    Best wishes, Peter

  • Hello!

    I have once more mailed to the MDR radio concerning the question of getting copies of their recordings. It must be possible - I have got my own copy from them. And although I would like to make mp3 of the Requiem in D-Dur ZWV 46, a recording of the Dresden Kreuzchor I think, conductor is Rademann, I contracted with the MDR that I won't make any copies of the recording.

    As soon as the MDR answers to my mail, I will have a contact adress for getting copies I think.

    Best regards!
    David Hein

  • Hello!

    Now I have got an answer from the radio station MDR. They do no longer make and sell copies of concerts they have recorded. What a pity. I am going to ask them whether there are alternative ways to get one's hands on an copy.

    I'll tell you what comes out of it!

    Best regards! David

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