Miserere/Hermann Max/Capriccio

  • I believe I have the disk you're looking at. Mine has a Renaissance painting "Beweinung Christi" on the cover. It has a copyright date of 1996, and the catalogue # is 10557. I wasn't aware that there was another release of it.
    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks, Derek. I have goofed, I am afraid, because what you are describing above is what I have too, and that's what is in the database of CDs.

    (I got mixed up with the Capriccio CD that features various recordings by Max, including at least some of the Miserere ZWV 57. See the two pictures below).

    So, to clarify my question, does anyone know anything about the CD shown in the picture link highest up on this page. When was it issued (surely before or after the 1996 CD that Derek and I both have)? Was it a promotion CD, I wonder, with limited release?

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