C1704 & Zelenka currently on radio (March 2015)


    In the course of the last week 3 different concerts including Zelenka compositions have been broadcasted on radio, and two of
    them are still available on the radio channels' homepages:

    1) The most substantial is the all-Zelenka concert from the Klara Festival in Belgium on 16 March. It is a shortened but
    nevertheless 100% coherently organized program containing selections from JDZ's music for Holy Week, the Responsoria (ZWV 55) and Lamentationes (ZWV 53) plus his later Miserere (ZWV 57). We find 3 of the 6 laments, one for each voice type (bass, tenor, alto), each preceeded by the 3 responsoria that are connected with it, or totally 9 of the 27 responsoria. ZWV 57 ends the liturgically structured concert. The Soirée Musique Ancienne 2015-03-24 sound file opens with other music. Collegium 1704's Zelenka concert stars after about 1 hour:
    http://www.rtbf.be/musiq3/emis…onId=5372&date=2015-03-24 , or - directly:


    2) Collegium 1704 held 3 concerts in Utrecht in August/ September 2014. The opening concert contained the well-known European premiere of Missa Divi Xaverii (ZWV 12). The second was with a performance of a Caldara oratorio that regrettably remained unrecorded. The third was a program of instrumental music by various composers connected to Prague around 1723 - and this last was fortunately recorded. Among the works here are Zelenka's two triosonatas ZWV 181/III and ZWV181/V. Link:

    3) The Schloss Ettlingen Concert in Germany 25 January 2015 was broadcasted 23 March by swr.de/swr2 ,but unfortunately it seems to be inavailable for re-listening. It presented another performance of ZWV 181/III in addition to instrumental and vocal works by other composers. Hana Blazikovà was that evening's singer.
    However, as an extra bonus number after the official concert C1704 added the so-called angel's aria "Ave Deus" from "Sub olea pacis" (ZWV 175). Wouldn't it have been wonderful to hear how the "Ave Deus" sounds like when sung by Hana Blazikovà's angelic soprano voice??...Well, here you are:
    (File in .flac format which might not open in all media players. German introduction first).

    Happy Easter and happy listening to everybody!

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