Video of Missa Pasch. ZWV7 - within the Easter Sunday liturgy!! St. Paul's, Antwerp

  • This was quite something. Filmed (very nicely!) in the magnificent Baroque setting of St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Antwerp.
    It was performed *within* the liturgy of the morning Easter Mass on 5th April, by the 'Sint-Paulus Camerata', conducted by (an *actual* Kapellmeister!) Ivo Venkov. As well as Zelenka's Mass, there are quite a few organ preludes (etc.) spread throughout. The church has an orchestral musical-liturgical tradition, which looks like a great project.
    I really liked the long gap between the Gloria and the Credo, it really paces things out, and makes the return of the 'Amen' fugue even greater. I have yet to look into how the music for Mass at the Dresden Royal Catholic chapel would have been laid out, but this gives a tincy glimpse into the atmosphere created. For the first time, properly, I realised how the music can fit perfectly with the various feelings invoked by the Mass. In particular, how the drawn out melismatic arias allow time for personal reflection, and the choruses catharsis and jubilation. I hope the congregants of the Dresden chapel in the 1720s did not take the experience for granted!
    Despite not knowing any Flemish, it was easy to follow for a Catholic like myself :). The coordination and organisation for this must have been considerably difficult - it may have been the cause of a slightly embarrassing failure of the Benedictus movement the first time round. It was pulled off beautifully in the end however :o .
    At 1hr 14mins in, a person also stands at the lectern to read a bit about the Camerata group and Zelenka. They finish off the day with a great rendition of Handel's 'Alleluia' as well.


    The Camerata's website:

    Happy Easter everybody :)


  • Sorry that this comment is not about the Missa Paschalis, but it is about the use of a Zelenka mass as part of an actual service. Last summer I had to opportunity to organize a performance of the Missa Gratias Agimus Tibi, ZWV 13, for a big ordination service at St. Francis de Sales Oratory, in St. Louis, Missouri.

    The service was very long, so I have provided the times where the various movements of the Zelenka begin.

    Kyrie: 23:75
    Gloria: 28:30
    Credo: 2:11:43
    (Crucifixus): 2:14:02
    Sanctus: 2:32:59
    (Benedictus): 2:39:30
    Agnus Dei: 2:49:00

    I apologize for some of the intonation problems in the brass. It was very hot that day! Sadly, there are only a few seconds of video of the actually performers.

    I think the works of Zelenka are an excellent fit for modern liturgical use.


  • Thank-you for this! I watched the whole thing, the Tridentine form/rite was intriguing and I'm not used to it (I have managed to attend one at the Oratory fathers at St. Wilfrid's York, UK - such a different atmosphere, and behaviour of clergy and congregation alike). This is a much closer imitation to what he Dresden court chapel would have experienced - probably the closest that anyone could ever witness!

    A great choice of Mass setting for such a grand and special occasion. It was nice to see movement of clergymen whilst it was sung/played. There were lots of small details that were noticeable, for example the bowing of heads or the removal of clerical caps (for want of a better word?) during certain words sung.

    Regarding the hot day: I sympathise with the Cardinal who had so many layers to his vestments. Great performance considering the conditions :)

    Maybe a thread should be started about the music in its liturgical context?


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