Zelenka UK concerts Missa Dei Filii & more: London & Bury Court Opera

  • The bottom line is that there should actually be a register or registry of performing materials that are available so that costs and frustration and minimised in the future. We just need someone who would be dedicated enough to organise this!

    Oh, now that's a nice proposition! It's definitely needed. It'll be an "Inventarium de Materiem Perficientur". We should keep it more tidy and eligible than Zelenka's of course... ;)

  • I wish I had been there. I think Bury Court would have been a much better acoustic for this music.

    And thanks for reminding me about the contrabass player. I had forgotten, but I had the same thoughts as you. The only way to play those bass lines on it is with lots of energy, which makes such a visual impact.

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