Needed: pdf of the autograph of ZWV 16 (Missa Purificationis)

  • Does anyone happen to have a pdf copy of the autograph of Missa Purificationis BVM (ZWV 16). I am pretty sure I accessed this on the SLUB digital webpage in spring this year but stupidly forgot to save it on my computer. Now, bizarrely, it has disappeared from the SLUB digital webpage (cat. no. Mus.2358-D-22) although all the other masses and mass fragments held in Dresden are still there. Perhaps there was some problem with the scan and they pulled it from the site and plan to re-do it at some point?

    Maybe one of you saved this autograph when it was available and can kindly share it with me?

    Thanks in advance


  • Any luck? I have been gradually looking through the masses on imslp, ZWV16 was on my list, so I'm pretty miffed / annoyed myself...
    There has been many surprises and intrigues throughout. Aesthetically, so far, this title page for the Credo for Missa Judica Me takes the cake! Stunning and funky, doodle-art embellishment by Zelenka the Creative Artist ( ;) )…V_2_(Zelenka,_Jan_Dismas)

  • According to an information given by SLUB, the autograph of ZWV 16 is not digitalized yet, but the digitalization is planed in the next 5 or 6 month.

    Thanks for this update. It's strange, I am pretty sure I looked at this autograph earlier in the year because I wanted to convince myself that Zelenka really did write some of the really crazy stuff in that work (esp. the lost-sounding unison musings in the ritornello of the Kyrie and the extremely funky syncopation at the end of the ritornello of the Gloria).

    But I guess I just dreamt it...

  • Great news - Thanks! This is a fine and fun (and not too long) mass which has some great Zelenkanisms in and really it needs to be out there and performed (beyond the fantastic Inégal recording, that is). Check out the unison passage at the start of the 3rd page of the Kyrie and the first bar of the 4th page of the Gloria. That's jazz, 200 years early, right there! With the imminent arrival of Hasse do you think this rather "irreverent" music (along with the gratuitous "dig" at the end about having to compose this work in 10 days while being sick) is Zelenka's way of bowing out of providing "solemn" music for the full ceremonial orchestra? Indeed, the next mass he would compose, three years later, is Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis, which is as violent as Purificationis is light-hearted. I don't buy into the whole "grumpy old s0d" characterisation of Zelenka, but that he was certainly more than full of character, there is no doubt!

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