Groningen, Netherlands, April 2016: Litaniae Xaverianae ZWV 155? Il Diamante ZWV 177

  • Hello people,

    An interesting concert coming up this Spring! This one is titled 'Zelenka & Mozart', by Diletto Musicale with Pauline Kostense directing:

    Saturday 23 April 2016, 20:15 - Groningen, Nieuwe Kerk
    Sunday 24 April 2016, 15:30 - Middelstum, Hippolytuskerk

    (quite nice historical venues!)

    According to this post, it seems that they will be doing Litaniae Xaverianae (which I guess means ZWV 155) and also Il Diamante ZWV 177 (not mentioned what excerpts) - both great works which are rarely performed. This will be paired with the flute concerto in G major by Mozart, on Baroque period instruments. Details are sketchy at the moment, but worth checking out :cool:.


  • @kaufen: Great, hope you catch it and enjoy! More information has also been revealed here.

    The new updated program:

    I Zelenka - opening 'Il Diamante' (instrumentaal)
    II Zelenka – Delen uit 'Litaniae Xaverianae' (koor, orkest en solisten)
    III Mozart – Fluitconcert KV 313 (instrumentaal)
    IV Zelenka -uit 'Missa Omnium ...', Kyrie en Gloria (koor, orkest en solisten)
    V Zelenka – 'Il Diamante' slotmenuet
    (koor, orkest en solisten)

    Nice! No complete pieces, but a colourful mix.


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