Gaps in the ZWV Catalogue

  • Hello everyone,
    Everytime something new of Zelenka gets recorded, I get very excited. I wish more people knew and appreciated his music!

    To get to my question -
    I often use this website when I'm looking for stuff in the ZWV catalogue. Scrolling through, several gaps are obvious, between the different themes. ZWV 24-25 are missing, ZWV 40-44 are missing, ZWV 51-52, ZWV 64-65, ZWV 121-122, ZWV 142-144, and a few others.
    Does anyone have an inkling to what these works are? Is there a complete catalogue that lists everything?

  • The ZWV catalogue material you are referring to is the same as that used on the database at the Discover Zelenka website ( In fact, the latter was taken with permission from the former. You will also find that this is the same material as in the appended list of works in Janice Stockigt's book from 2000.

    This ZWV catalogue was originally put together by the late Dr Wolfgang Reich in Dresden, and as far as I know there have been no updates published. (Perhaps Johannes or Jan could correct me if I am wrong).

    The catalogue is based on grouping of works according to their nature or purpose (e.g. the masses are numbered 1 to 21). My hunch is that Dr Reich put some spaces in the whole list in case other works of a particular kind turned up later on.

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