Collegium 1704 records the 6 Sonatas ZWV 181, 2016!

  • After some photographic hints on their FB page, and now this brief interview, it is confirmed. Revealed is that they have already recorded the first three, and the other three will be done in summer!

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    According to the 'About' section of the YT video, there might be an indiegogo fundraising campaign, just like they've done with recent disks.

    They have also advertised a concert for the 5th December 2016 in Dresden, Annenkirche, and 7th December in Prague, St Simon and Jude.

    Keeping eyes peeled for more... :cool:


  •…trio-sonatas-by-zelenka#/ <- The indiegogo rewards campaign is now up and running, with 2 months to go!

    There is no required amount that needs to be reached in order to take the funding, but they are aiming for €5000.

    Amazingly, it is over 20 years since the last full recording of the sonatas on period instruments. The last with all 6 being done by Ensemble Zefiro in 1993! (Which still is my favourite) Ensemble Marsyas also released the first 3 sonatas in 2012.

    Collegium 1704 goes for Zelenka's, hands-down, most well known, legendary works - let's hear what they have to say :D

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