Missa ZWV 21 in Berlin

  • Being back from Berlin, i can say that the performance of ZWV 21 was more than excellent: i can´t image that it will be topped
    by anyone else.

    That's high praise! :D
    Here are two recent German reviews:


    I wish I knew German! The second is informal and seems quite humorous. But, it also erroneously uses a painting of Graupner's employer, the Margrave of Darmstadt, for Heinichen...
    **Edit: The image has since been replaced with one which is apparently Heinichen, but not confirmed. (It used to be on his wiki-page...)**

    It's amazing to see that Collegium 1704 have been, and will be, touring so extensively. For example, on 20th September, they are bringing ZWV 21 to Italy in Pisa Cathedral. Some details of that here. There are plenty of other dates over summer and in Autumn, with works like Biber's Missa Salisburgensis.

  • Hi Xanaseb, thank you very much for the links, very interesting. All in all they coincide with my very positiv impression of these performance. I was not disturbed by the "dancing style" of Luks, he is just enthusiastic.
    The Heinichen concerto survives by a copy of Graupner, this explains perhaps the painting of the margrave of Darmstadt, but
    you are right, that´s misleading. Best Greetings, Notenschreiber

  • The Heinichen concerto survives by a copy of Graupner, this explains perhaps the painting of the margrave of Darmstadt, but...

    Fascinating! Heinichen and Graupner were close schoolmates at the Leipzig St.Thomas-school and they must have kept contact throughout later life. I also read that Graupner took his first composition lessons with the teenage Heinichen, before being taught by Kuhnau.

    Also, here is another great review: kultura-extra.de



  • Those reviews are certainly glowing, the more serious two seeming almost taken by surprise at the spiritual depth achieved by Zelenka which one normally only assumes was only achieved in that period by JS Bach. One review even concludes that ZWV 21 deserves a place alongside the B minor mass. It is also noted how Zelenka anticipates, far more than Bach, the developments in musical form championed by Haydn and Mozart. I'm no supporter of the quite childish and superfluous "which composer is better" discussion but recognition of such impressive achievements of Zelenka in these reviews (which were greatly helped by the very excellent programme notes (http://www.berliner-philharmon…e/kalender/details/22424/)) is really positive.

    Isn't the portrait they have put in one review that of JA Hasse, not Heinichen. Certainly it is on Hasse's wikipedia page along with other portraits which bear similarities (so I guess it was him). I thought I read somewhere that there is no known portrait of Heinichen (as with Zelenka). Camera shy, our Dresdner Virtuosi!

    With these high profile tour concerts I do hope C1704 will get a slot one day at the BBC Proms. I just checked out the programme for this year and early music is really miserably represented (apart from yet another rendition of the B minor mass). A program like the one in Berlin would also be ideal for such a Prom: a happy clappy concerto grosso to please the tourists, a Bach piece to lure in the "Bach is the only baroque composer worth listening to" crowd and then ZWV 17, ZWV 18, ZWV 19, ZWV 20 or ZWV 21 (we really are spoilt for choice!) to blow their minds.

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