Ensemble Zefiro Re-release: Zelenka's Trio Sonatas ZWV 181, May 2016

  • Great news!
    The epic 1993 recording with the label 'ARCANA' has been given new life with 'Out Here Music'. No longer will you have to get bamboozled with prices of over £100 on Amazon :rolleyes:...
    Here's its shopping page on Presto Classical. The re-release announcement can be found on page 28 of this online booklet.

    On a much related note, I'd like to point people again to the exciting news that Collegium 1704 will be doing their own recording of the Trio Sonatas this year. The indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is now over £1600, and there is around a month left to go. There is no minimum limit this time, so whatever is pledged is guaranteed to be used :).

    All the best,


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