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    A very entertaining book I just discovered (free digital copy to download from the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek)

    "La Saxe Galante" by Karl Ludwig von Pöllnitz, 1734, in french.

    Everything about the love affairs of Augustus the Strong, in Madrid, Venise, Rome, Dresde, Leipzig, Varsaw...

    I knew he was very good in fox tossing, but I not in spanish bullfight.


    Thanks to Jan Stockigt, Principal Fellow at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and
    Associate Investigator at the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for the History
    of Emotions (CHE), a performance of the Missa Paschalis ZWV7 will be given at Newman College
    Chapel, University of Melbourne on 21 of April. The mass performance will be preceded by
    Zelenka’s beautiful Regina coeli setting ZWV 134. This is part of Jan’s contribution to the large-
    scale project about the role of music during Holy Week and Eastertide at the Catholic court
    church of Dresden during the reign of August II, a study funded by CHE.

    The performance by the Newman College Choir and Orchestra will be directed by Gary
    Ekkel. Based upon the reading and setting of the score by Arnaud Debayeux (Toulouse)
    , Zelenka’s autograph score, and a score from Tenbury, Andrew Frampton – an
    Honours student at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music – has prepared a set of parts
    for the performance, reconstructing the ripieno oboe and basso continuo parts according to
    Zelenka’s principles. The score and parts of the Regina coeli have been prepared by MMus
    candidate from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Frederic Kiernan.

    Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for The History of Emotions
    History of Emotions.jpg


    You can contact
    maybe they have a score available.


    You can get the autograph, but, according to Stockigt's book, it is severely damaged, contact her to know how much. (there is a sample chapter of her book talking about that work at the site).

    To search the manuscript at the Dresden library:
    choose "Musikquellen bis 1983" and search "Zelenka" (you need java enabled in your browser)
    the manuscript of ZWV60 is Mus 2358-D-76.

    to request a digital copy:
    choose "Collections - Music"

    for the price read Digitalisierungsauftrag at…opying-scanning-printing/

    Good luck,


    You can find manuscripts made public here :
    The ZWV176 (Mus.2358-I-1/a) has the #8 (p97) for Bass.

    For the ZWV60, you can purchase a copy of the manuscript and edit your score.

    Also there are arias for bass in the masses, check the free scores in the E-downloads.



    I found a flyer of another performance of that mass:

    The CD (Liveaufnahme) is available here


    Miriam Feuersinger, Sopran
    Dorothea Frey, Sopran
    Roswitha Müller, Alt
    Valentin Johannes Gloor, Tenor
    Stefan Vock, Bass
    Barockorchester Bacchanto
    Leitung: Raphael Jud
    Samstag, 8. November 2008, 19.30 Uhr
    Augustinerkirche Zürich
    Sonntag, 9. November 2008, 17.00 Uhr
    Reformierte Stadtkirche Baden



    ZWV 4, Missa Sancti Spiritus
    The digital copy of the Credo from Dresden wasn't available, this Credo is based on the manuscript from Berlin, an 18th copy without timpani, perhaps an early version.
    The mass is now complete with 22 movements.

    ZWV 10, Missa Charitatis
    The Dresden's manuscript is incomplete, the Kyrie has some pages out of order, difficult to replace because of burned bars on the edges.
    All this is being corrected with the Berlin's copy.

    Uploaded : completed 4-Qui tollis, 5-Quoniam


    Thanks to manuscripts published by the SLUB, here are new baroque mock-ups:
    ZWV 129 Regina caeli, ZWV 130 Regina caeli, ZWV 139 Salve Regina.

    ZWV 8 Quoniam tu solus Sanctus completed with a published score by Butz Verlag based on a complete manuscript.

    New (temporary) mp3s for :
    ZWV 85 Credidi, ZWV 91 In convertendo, ZWV 96 De Profundis



    Two Salve Regina, #1 ZWV140 and #2 ZWV136, are available at, manuscripts Mus2358-E-14-1&2. Mp3s and scores are in the repository.

    #1 : S in cantus firmus above unleashed ATB, a gem well hidden behind the faded staves.
    #2 : mix of Solo and Choir with peculiar ornamentation.


    The pdf of a book about Ristori by Curt Rudolf Mengelberg is available here :…/Giovanni_Alberto_Ristori
    It was published in 1916, before many manuscripts were lost.

    It contains some examples including excerpts of a Gloria (p.90), a Requiem (p.102), a Stabat Mater (p.123), and a list of the works (p.142).
    Curiously the Requiem excerpt is a rework of the ZWV46 beginning, with different orchestration and string/woodwind arrangement, very nice.
    It looks like the borrowings from his colleague are common as in the Messa per il Santissimo Natale.
    From the Stabat Mater we have a lovely fugue on Quando corpus morietur,
    at least it seems not from JDZ.

    Thanks to djdresden for sharing his interest in Ristori.


    I had the luck to listen to this Kyrie, beautiful ! Thank you Nikolay.
    Yet another style of interpretation of Zelenka, I like the Agnus Dei very much.

    The suspicion seems correct :
    It is easy to follow the Lacrimosa with the Kyrie II score, slightly modified themes, same themes entries, same cadences, same construction, a few mesures removed, but completely different interpretations with a soft Lacrimosa and vivacious Kyrie II / Dona nobis.

    Another huge effort with ZWV2 (Gloria, Credo), and the Missa Judica Me would be complete. (ZWV26 is supposed to be its Kyrie, ZWV30 is a rework of its Gloria)



    A new concert at the end of this year :

    Christmas Mass of J. D. Zelenka / Missa Nativitatis Domini D major
    Casting: Musica Florea Baroque orchestra, choir, solo singers
    Conductor: Marek Štryncl
    4.12. Jablonec nad Nisou
    7.12. Prague, Church of St. Simon and Juda, Dušní street

    " The next religious Zelenka´s opus Musica Florea has been preparing is Missa Nativitatis Domini in D major. It comes from the middle period of his active years and it has not been yet professionally recorded. "
    ... except by the Marburger Bachchor ? (Genuin GEN 11213)

    As mentioned earlier in this forum, this mass has been previously performed by the Prague Cathedral Choir (