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    Dear Peter,

    There are no specific details, but the two pages interview is about also
    the 40th anniversary of the Kammerchor Stuttgart and last Bernius CD of Mendelssohn's Paulus on Carus Verlag label.

    Bernius quoted (translated) :
    "I'm trying for a long time to combine the more and the less known. This way I engraved the last three masses of Zelenka, less famous than Bach, and we just offered in concert a fourth one, the Missa Votiva, which we will record next year".



    I would like to improve the sound of the mp3s you can find in the download section. I dislike most of what I have done, when it sounds good it is by chance. And I have just learned about the B.C. with ripieni... There are drastic improvements to do : reverb, word spelling, articulation of strings, voice conducting... I have not yet tried to imitate recorded works, just to see how far I can go alone. As a 'melomane' I am missing fondamental musician knowledges.
    What do you think should be done first, i.e. what is the worse that needs an immediate fix, not necessarily easy ?
    Any book recommandation for choir conducting, orchestra direction and baroque music interpretation (good enough for these MIDI experiments) ?

    Thank you,


    I have recorded 4 excerpts of Missa Divi Xaverii ZWV12 and Regina Coeli ZWV129.
    It is very amateurish, MIDI and sound are not at all polished.
    If you would like to hear that, let me know where to upload the mp3 files (2.43MB).



    They contain around 280 pages and the size is 32x25cm.
    There is a text in german, a few facsimile examples, the full choral and orchestral score, the usual basso continuo with a figured bass (not a keyboard reduction), and a critic text about the sources and edition.

    You can purchase digital copies of the original manuscripts 0.30€ per page (difficult to read but they have the figured bass by the author) from the SLUB library (


    The published full scores :

    ZWV 17, Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis a-Moll
    Das Erbe Deutscher Musik Band 103, Breitkopf & Härtel, 1987

    ZWV 21, Missa ultimarum sexta: Missa Omnium Sanctorum a-Moll
    Das Erbe Deutscher Musik Band 101, Breitkopf & Härtel, 1989

    ZWV 57, Miserere c-Moll
    Das Erbe Deutscher Musik Band 108, Breitkopf & Härtel, 1997

    They are expensive in hardcover, cloth, with facsimile, and "realized continuo".
    Maybe these are not listed in their online catalog, but available by special order to sales dpt.
    Or you can try second hand books, a good metasearch is

    Good luck.

    Quote from jbstockigt

    If possible, I would like to know which version (ie. which year) of this Mass is available as a publication

    The edition Walhall includes a facsimile of the manuscript title page (Mus. 2358-D-7a bzw. 8), it is dated 1712. Herausgegeben von Martin Kellhuber.

    The introductory text add :
    What served as a basis for the edition in hand was the synoptic rendering of various versions by Zelenka, provided by Anselm Gerhard (1981), deposit work in possession of Erbe deutscher Musik (Schulberg 2/Pfleghof, D-71070 Tübingen, Germany; including the relevant Critical Commentary, Master's Thesis, Berlin 1981"


    The requiem in D ZWV 46 can be found on :
    - Supraphon 60CO-1596 (2 CDs), Czech Philharmonic Chorus and orchestra, conducted by Vaclav Neumann and Lubomir Matl, 1985.
    - Camerata Tokyo CDT-1016, Kusatsu Commemorative Recording, 1993. (booklet mentions erroneously ZWV 43 and World Premier)