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    I'm very curious which setting of Litaniae Lauretanae Ensemble Inégal will be recording along with ZWV 4. Anyone have any insider information? We can rule out ZWV 151 'Consolatrix afflictorum', which they already recorded. ZWV 152 'Salus infirmorum' is one of Zelenka's greatest masterpieces in my view, but inexplicably has still had only the one commercial recording. The Bernius rendition (recorded 32 years ago now!) is superb in my view, but another top-tier recording would be heartily welcomed. But there's also the two earlier settings ZWV 149 & 150, which have no recordings.

    By the way, I notice the previous sentence in that post is translated by Facebook as "We will have a vegetable whirlwind in the form of several versions of Mass to St. Cecelia.." :D

    Edit: I answered my own question. It will be ZWV 149, as per the Ensemble Inégal website.

    Thanks Seb for your excellent reply and suggestions.
    In fact, looking back it was your original post about the Prague performance of Gesu al Calvario that planted the seed in my mind to make the trip to Europe. So you deserve the credit / bear responsibility. ;)

    In Dresden I managed to visit all these sites. Walking the same streets where Zelenka lived, worked and created is indeed an emotional experience. One feels the weight of history in Dresden, obviously not just for musical reasons.

    I found the Zelenka marker in the Catholic cemetery, eventually, haha. I somehow missed it initially while looking at the Weiss marker, which is but a few meters away.

    In the lovely park behind the Zwinger there are monuments to Schütz and Schumann. I notice there are many excellent free spots for a Zelenka monument!

    It doesn't look like time will permit a visit to Louňovice pod Blaníkem. It sounds very appealing though. It would be great to contemplate the history of 'our' composer in an environment free of people carrying boutique store shopping bags, selfie sticks, and so forth.

    PS Sorry for the slow reply. Have been travelling a lot, and haven't always had wifi access, or my wits about me ;)


    I am very pleased and excited to be visiting both Dresden and Prague for the first time next month :D, and am making a list of locations to visit that are related to Zelenka. So far I have:

    Site of the old Catholic Court church
    Zelenka plaque on the Kempinski Hotel, on the site of Taschenbergpalais
    Zelenka’s final residence on Kleine Brüdergasse
    His residence at Rampsiche Straße No. 31
    His residence on Moritzstrasse
    The modern gravestone in the Alter Katholischer Friedhof

    The Klementinum

    Any others I'm missing? Particularly in Prague?

    Thanks already to djdresden and others helping me to create the list I have so far.


    It looks like we have a new high quality recording of Zelenka's masterful Lamentations ZWV 53 to look forward to in September, by
    Jana Semerádová's Collegium Marianum. The soloists are Damien Guillon, countertenor; Daniel Johannsen, tenor; & Tomáš Král, baritone.

    Perhaps this could rival the superb version by the Chandos Baroque and Chance/Ainsley/George, which has always held sway for me.

    Just received an email from Mr. Janeček at Nibiru that this recording is now officially released.

    Jan Dismas Zelenka

    Missa Paschalis ZWV 7
    Litaniae Omnium Sanctorum ZWV 153

    Cyril Auvity - tenor
    Marián Krejčík – bass
    Gabriela Eibenová – soprano
    Terry Wey – alto

    Adam Viktora
    Ensemble Inégal
    Prague Baroque Soloists

    These are the only retailers I know of online at the moment:

    I know what I want for Christmas! :)

    There is a new disc of Trio Sonatas in the works this month:

    Pasticcio Barocco
    Label-Hérisson 005
    ZELENKA Sonates N° 4,5 et 6 pour 2 hautbois, basson et continuo
    David Walter et Hélène Gueuret Hautbois
    Fany Maselli Basson
    Mathieu Dupouy Clavecin
    Esther Brayer Contrebasse
    Rémi Cassaigne Théorbe

    I believe they play on modern instruments.
    This is available Feb 23 according to
    I would assume they will record Sonatas 1-3 at some point as well.

    Is it just me, or does it seem that France has become a hotbed for Zelenka appreciation?


    Please tell me they will release a commercial recording of this brilliant work!
    Any word?
    Also, who were the soloists?


    Really Johannes, perhaps you could put in a little thought and research into subjects before you post here. ;)
    (Please forgive my sarcastic humour. You are amazing! Thank you for providing context so vividly.)

    The issue of the length of Zelenka's arias has actually been on my mind lately, so it's interesting that others have brought it up first.
    Last night I did some pseudo-scientific statistics based just on the music in my collection, and this is what I arrived at for average aria lengths for Zelenka and his contemporaries:

    Bach solo cantatas, passions/oratorios 5:11
    Caldara La Passione di Gesù.. (1730) 4:10
    Handel oratorios 4:06
    Hasse I Pelligrini..(1742 oratorio) 5:54
    Heinichen Nicht das Band (1724 oratorio) 5:06
    Zelenka italian oratorios & serenata 8:29

    So there does seem to be quite a unique scale to Zelenka's arias.

    Also, just looking at Mass arias, Zelenka's averaged 5:08, versus 2:17 for Heinichen.

    On the whole I still have to wonder if Zelenka's relative unwillingness to constrain the dimensions his music caused some difficulties with his employers on occasion.

    Personally however, when I'm listening to sublime creations like 'Mire Come sue candide piume' from Il Diamante, or 'Che fiero martire' from Gesù al Calvario, I'm so transfixed that I have no sense at all that 13 minutes has passed!

    Good news! I have received word from Nibiru that a recording of the Serenata ZWV 177 is forthcoming later this year. :)
    Conductor Adam Viktora
    Ensemble Inegal
    Prague Baroque Soloists
    Roberta Maneli – soprano
    Hana Blazikova – soprano
    Gabriela Eibenova – soprano
    TBD – alto
    Marian Krejcik(?) - bass
    To be recorded Sep 2009, released Nov-Dec 2009?

    Adam Viktora is proving to be a great advocate for Zelenka's music.

    The ZWV catalogue lists this work as for four soprano soloists and an alto. I wonder are they transposing one soprano part for bass?