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    Yes, I did record Zelenka's arrangement of the Ingegnieri 'Dixit Dominus' as well. I think in the insanity of finishing up my dissertation and working several jobs, I forgot to publicize it! It's on my high school choir's YouTube Channel:

    I've also just created a 'Zelenka' page on my website where you can find most of the Zelenka-related recordings that I have made:


    Part of my dissertation on the 'Dixit Dominus' settings of Zelenka included editions of two of Zelenka's unpublished 'Dixit Dominus' settings (ZWV 66 & 67). In the spring of 2017 I recorded 'Dixit Dominus' (ZWV 67) with my students at Brookline High School, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. The students in this recording range in age from 14-18 years old. Zelenka likely composed this piece for the Kapelknaben, with the soprano and alto parts sung by the Kapellknaben and the tenor and bass parts sung by men. I believe this is the first recording of this work, which I have linked below. I'm hoping to get my edition of the score published at some point soon.


    Mike Driscoll
    Boston, MA

    Hi all,

    As part of my doctoral dissertation I have produced performing editions of Zelenka's two unpublished 'Dixit Dominus' settings (ZWV 66 & 67). I'm hoping to get them published soon. Ensemble Inegal's recording of ZWV 66 is much better than the recording I made as part of a doctoral recital, but you can hear a free recording of it here:

    Mike Driscoll

    P.S. I have also made editions of 'Dixit Dominus' by Pitoni, Fabri (Schmitt?), and Ingegnieri, all three of which Zelenka arranged for use at the Dresden court chapel. They will be included in my dissertation thesis, which I hope to complete in April 2016.

    Does anyone know where I might find performance materials (scores/parts) for this work? I see that it has been recorded by at least two different groups. Thanks for any leads you may have!

    Mike Driscoll
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    What score/source are you using for ZWV 45? I'm in the process of compiling a list of all known modern-day editions of Zelenka's work. I don't have any information on a score for ZWV 45, so I'd love to add that info!

    Mike Driscoll

    P.S. I'm working on an edition of ZWV 66 and will be performing (and recording) it at the end of April 2013.

    Wish I could have been there- I've arranged this work before with simplified basso continue, love it.
    Amazing work on the performance. If you're not already selling mp3s, you should consider releasing an album if resources abide. I'm planning on releasing a recording of ZWV45 in the not so far future.

    Stay in touch-
    -Joshua M. Abramson