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    Wonderful! Happy days indeed. I'm actually even more interested with how Luks' will interpret Miss Dei Patris (which happens to be my favourite mass). Thinking of Luks' and his love for fast paced intensity and contrasts, the Credo sequence will be right up his alley!
    I shall get a streaming program straight away!

    Thanks for the news,

    3 years on, and what is the picture like now? Both here on the forums, and concerning Zelenka's dissemination?
    I'd have to say that Inégal has been doing wonders. All it needs is more popularity, and Zelenka's music could be catapulted upwards :)
    Adam Viktora seems to be a dedicated champion of Zelenka.

    Even though this last point is on the side of your question, I hope it is - illuminating...

    :D haha, nice pun! Yes, that answers the question! ZWV12 is very special indeed in which case. I have listened to all the mp3 uploaded tracks for the piece on this website, and it does have quite a positive and uplifting aura. It feels light, heavenly and perfectly crafted!
    Let us hope that Inegal puts its mind to adapting, performing and recording it some day in the near future. (And in the meantime, let us enjoy the new Missa Paschalis & Litaniae Omnium Sanctorum release coming soon!! :cool:)


    Apparently ZWV 12 was the only Mass where Zelenka found it necessary to include trumpet parts in his own hand.

    What do you mean by this? Are all other instances of trumpet-scoring in other Masses not deemed by Zelenka as necessary to the performance? Or that the trumpet-scoring in Missa divi Xaverii is particularly outstanding?
    Or both? :p :)

    When I spoke to him in Dresden a while ago, amazingly on the eve of his heart implant, he was very excited about his theories - and I remember how our conversation ended. He said: Zelenka is the greatest mathematician in the history of music.

    ^Can't wait to read what he has theorised!!


    Wow indeed!!
    Now, I don't listen to radio at all... Has anyone who does listen to radio frequently noticed any increase in Zelenka air-time?
    Would be interested to know if our dear master (he was totally right there!) has entered the public sphere of the classical world a bit more than previously.
    Basically, does anyone know if Zelenka is getting any more popular/widely known?

    Wonderful wonderful and enlightening news!! Quite fantastic. Sheds lots of new light on things; I must take special notice of Zelenka's tenor parts now. Is it me or Zelenka becomes more and more remarkable the more we discover about him?


    Interesting, this concert by Luks and Collegium 1704 was done in Utrecht:
    I guess it is very similar to the one you refer to?

    I much preferred Viktora & Inégal's version I must say. Felt richer/sweeter and yet more balanced. I also get rather lost in the Luks, whereas Viktora (for me) keeps it lively.

    As for whether it deserves a worthy place in Discover Zelenka, I would say yes it does. The more the merrier I suppose!

    On top of that, Missa Dei Filii is not a full-blown catholic mass. Zelenka may have intended to expand it, but then again he may not have wanted to for some reason!

    This has always interested me. I have come to conclude that, to be a completely devout Catholic did not mean that he did not have to take the most obvious Catholic way in his writing. To be a strongly religious Catholic did not mean that one could not take an interest in a more Protestant method. I think that he appreciated the Missa Brevis style, and wished to dedicate one mass to that, as a small nod to it perhaps? No evidence for this whatsoever, but I am going purely by whim.
    Just as Bach in the end wrote in a very Catholic manner for his mass in B minor. (not that bringing Bach's example into this makes this debate any better)
    Plus, of course it is not 100% whether Missa Dei Filii -is- a brevis.

    It is in any case a fascinating thing to dwell upon.

    That would fill me and everyone else, I'm sure, with radiant joy! Let's hope that is a right translation!! Wonderful!
    Cannot think of anyone better than Essemble Inegal to do it.
    Missa Paschalis will be a nice addition too, can't wait for its release. Intruiged to know what other Zelenka piece they'll combine it with on the disc.