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    Good news indeed! I have missed recordings of earlier masses by Zelenka. So far we only been blessed with Zwv 8 and 11, two recordings each.
    My favorite part is the first movement in Gloria. (Listen to Zwv 7 in e-downloads.)
    As a second piece I hope for one of the unrecorded Litanae, perhaps one of the two with trumpets and timpani.


    Today I had to smile to myself several times at work. Wonderful sarcasm.

    I agree with the staccatto in the countersubject. Sounds ha-ha-ha in my ears. But the other movements in Zwv 21 sounds ok, which I looking forward to hear in complete form.

    "Barbara, dira effera" Zwv 164; I like the orchestra playing, thou I would prefere Robin Blaze sing this one. When I listened to the youtube version (1:09-1:17) provided by Stian (l'infastidito) its fun to recognize Zelenka use the same "material" in Zwv 152 movement 7 "Regina.." (0:16-0:25 in my recording). Mr. Recycle indeed.

    Very good news indeed. In december the mass was played 3 or 4 times various places by different preformers, so I actually had some hope it would appear in a recording soon. Question to you all; What recording of Magnificat Zwv 108 do you like best ? My favorite recording is with Suzuki and Bach Collegium Japan.

    As always very interesting to listen to new manuscripts. ZWV 8 Quoniam tu solus Sanctus was very nicely done. One remark; I didnt know the two last movements in Zwv 139 can be found in reworking of miserere Zwv 56.

    To order photocopy of manuscripts from Dresden I did the following;

    1) Find out the shelf mark of the work(s) you order. To find the shelf mark I use this link:…earchform.asp?katalogID=4 Search for composer. For instance, Zwv 148 have shelf mark "MUS.2358-D56"

    2) The form I used I cant find on the internet. I send it to you on email.

    3) Fill out the form, scan it and send it to "SLUB Musik" <> You should get an answer.

    Please contact me if this doesnt work.

    Hi all,

    I bought four manuscripts of unrecorded litanies (Zwv 148,149,154 and 156). Just after I paid for the CD they appeared here: […-sammlungen/kollektionen/ (Plot in "Zelenka") . Probably no coincidence.
    The skiaouros/Germund-Atle team is going to make digital presentations of the four works mentioned above this autumn. First out is Zwv 148.
    For those who dont know the process, here it is: I use a program called "Vivaldi Gold" where I transpose and plot in each note. This program make a midi file which is a rude musical presentation of the movement (Sounds like Mickey Mouse house orchestra). I send the midifile to skiaouros. He uploads the file in another program called Cubase. I think he uses other software too. He adds the lyrics (I still don't understand how he can read Zelenka's handwriting). After he is finished with his magic touch, the end-product is a lovely mp3 file which he uploads to Alistair. Alistair then puts it in E-download directory where you all can listen and download it.

    I just made a midi of the first movement of Zwv 148 (Kyrie). Sounds promising. I guess you can download the mp3 sometime in August.
    Johannes, if possible, can you dig up some history about the four Litanies ?
    Alistair, I uploaded the midifile to you.



    Thank you l'infastidito for posting this link. Now we only miss Zwv 125 to have a complete set of ArM.

    I read Testudo's post and surfed the net in hope to find a broadcast of that concert. I stumbled over this;

    J. D. Zelenka - Dormi nate, dormi Deus ZWV 171 (O Magnum Mysterium)
    J. D. Zelenka - Missa Nativitatis Domini ZWV 8
    J. S. Bach - Gloria in Excelsis Deo BWV 191
    Barokensemble De Swaen
    o.a. David van Ooijen - aartsluit/theorbe
    Zondag 26 December 2010, 15:00
    Oude Lutherse Kerk, Singel 411 (hoek Spui), Amsterdam

    In Bern 18.12.2010 this program was played;

    Weihnächtliche Kantaten des Dresdner Barock

    (Schweizer Erstaufführungen)
    J. D. Zelenka:
    Missa Nativitatis Domini, ZWV 8 (Fragment): Kyrie, Gloria, Credo
    Missa Charitatis, ZWV 10: Sanctus, Agnus Dei
    J. D. Heinichen: Pastorale
    G. A. Ristori: Motetto pastorale (für Sopran- und Alt-Solo, Frauenchor und Orchester)
    G. A. Homilius: Kantate "Ergreifet die Psalter"

    Missa Nativitatis Domini ZWV 8 seems popular this Christmas.
    Lets hope one of these concerts was recorded and finds its way to youtube :)

    Found this om youtube;

    The title of the work is named 'Alma redemptoris Mater'. Before I listened to it, I thought it was a CD copy from one of the two recorded works by the same name, Zwv 123 or Zwv 124. But this was indeed not one of those two. Listening to it, I searched in "Find a work" from this website and concluded theit must be Zwv 127. It sounds very Zelenka. Nicely preformed.
    Anyone else not heard this before ?

    This concert have now been uploaded on youtube. sound quality is very good.
    First time I have heard both works complete. Downloaded and burned out a CD of this concert.

    There are also other nice preformances by Zelenka uploaded recently:
    -Zwv 18 (collegium 1704)
    -Zwv 175 symphonia, 71 and 81 (Visegrad Baroque Orchestra)

    I found a movement on youtube from Immisit Dominus pestilentiam ZWV 58 (aria V) I never heard before.