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    Hi Alistair,

    Im impressed by your detailed analysis. Interesting read.

    I only have heard the G and W.
    I prefer the Güttler version. I like the intensity of the preformance. Good dynamics. Full of energy. Good musicians.

    The only thing I like better in the Wehnert preformance is you can better hear the woodwind. There are details in the oboes I cant hear in the G version.

    Hi ,

    So far I have finished Kyrie, Gloria and first movement in Credo of Missa Nativiatis Zwv 8. One aria in Gloria I miss one page, so it might be delayed.
    Like Zwv 7, the mass seems to be written in haste. His handwriting is ugly, sometimes very ugly. The pages of some of his late masses ( are very pretty compared to Zwv 7 and 8.

    Missa Paschalis Zwv 7 is now complete in repository. It would be nice to hear what you think of this mass.

    Kyrie of Missa Sancti Josephi Zwv 14 is also available in repository. After my opinion this Kyrie is the best movement before his 5 late masses. Listen to it. What do you think ? (Yes, Im trying to start a discussion here.)
    The windinstruments, both brass and woodwind, have an important role in this movement. Of the recorded works, only the first movement of Zwv 46 Requiem comes somewhat close in using the so many windinstrument with important musical material.
    This mass begins with a 4 bars introduction before the main theme. Cool.

    The progress of making this mass is slow because many pages are heavily damaged. Also, I dont want to finish it to soon, because this mass is so fun working with.
    Dona Nobis Pacem is the next upcoming piece. (Short version of Kyrie.)



    Hi David,

    I got my hands on 6 masses not long ago, Zwv 7 and Zwv 14 are two of them. They are copies of original manuscripts, but the copies are sometimes difficult to read because the notelines are faded or completely gone. Only the notes left.

    Zwv 7 are in style something like Zwv 11, but somewhat simpler. I think the work was written in haste; oboe parts are not written out, even if the titlepage suggests it. In the violin parts a few places one can read senza oboe, oboe col. soprano. But no solo passages or movement for woodwind.
    The 1. and 2. trompet have interesting material, even if the range is within an octave. The 3.trompet got the most boring part Zelenka ever wrote. The only note the instrument play, with few exceptions, are A. Either the musician in 1726 was a very limitid player, or Zelenka didnt have high expectations of him.
    The 4. trumped double the timpani, ie plays either deep A or D.
    Just now I am working on the last movement of Gloria.
    First moment of Gloria is very fun to listen too. Look forward to it.

    I use a program called Vivaldi where I plot in each note and set tempo and arrange basso continue part.. The program then makes midi file, which sounds like a Mickey mouse orchestra. Then I upload the midifiles, so Alistair can put them in repository.
    Skiaouros then downloads my midis and is the Wizard transforming my Mickey Mouse sound to something far, far better. Mp3's.
    Zwv 1,15,16,85,91,96 and 167 Skiaouros did all the work himself, all from midi to mp3.
    My part have been minor, only doing midi of Zwv 29,56,3(Kyrie) and 7(Kyrie and Gloria).

    Zwv 14 I only made 30 bars so far. The manuscripts is in very bad shape, because of the bombing of Dreden in 1945, So the progress is slow. Every 4. bar is badly damaged or totally crumbled away.
    Skiaouros have made Mp3 of 24 bars.
    Where Zwv 7 is somewhat hasty, Zwv 14 is a very well written piece.
    Its grand. In the 24 bars the oboes,flutes,bassoon,horns and trompets all have solo voices, and sounds great.
    After I finish the Gloria of Zwv 7, I try using more time to complete the Kyrie of Zwv 14.

    In style Zwv 14 is completely different from Zwv 13 most of you have heard.
    The style is more like Zwv 16 (see repository). But the Kyrie is far more complex and after my opinion his best arranged movement for large orchestra.

    In style I would group the masses I have heard in following groups;

    1)Zwv 1,3 Early masses
    2)Zwv 7,11,13 Middle masses
    3)Zwv 14,15,16 (any good name for those 3 ?)
    4)Zwv 17-21 Late masses.

    I guess Alistair upload my midi to repository soon. Skiaouros have access to the Zwv 7 midis, so he upload them to Alistair when he have time to make them.

    Would like to write more, but the clock is past 0100 am, so I stop here.

    I just made a midi of the first movement of ZWV3 Missa Corporis Domini. And I must say the Kyrie was a very well written piece. I rank this as one of Zelenkas best movements he composed.

    I have uploaded the movement to Alistair, so the midi file will be present soon. Skiaouros will later make an mp3 with much better sound. This will also be uploaded when time permits for Skiaouros.

    Would be happy to hear what you think of this movement.

    Very interesting. ZWV 16 Missa Purificationis live would be a wonderful experience.
    Alistair, I guess you have already ordered tickets and are ready with a microphone.

    Thx for the news Djdresden. I certainly pray for a recording.

    1. How did you become interested in Zelenka's music?:

    Back in 1985, I collected Telemann. One of my mothers friends lend me his orcherter works. Then I was "hooked".

    2. Do you play in an orchestra, play/sing in a chamber group or sing in a choir?:

    I did play bassoon in several amateur orcherstras and chambergroups before. Then I got married and kids followed..................
    Now Im contend making midifiles of unrecorded Zelenka works.

    3. If the answer to question 2 is yes, have you played/sung a work by Zelenka before with any of the groups specified in question 2?:

    Aye, 4 of his trio sonatas.

    4. Have you ever attended a live performance of Zelenka's music?:


    5. What CDs of Zelenka's music do you own?:

    Got all works that is recorded on CD, except of 5 arias Zwv 176, Alma redemptoris Mater Zwv 123 and Proh,quos criminis Zwv 172. Might be one or two more Cd out of stock I dont know of.

    6. What Zelenka scores do you own?:

    Zwv 29, Zwv 56, Zwv 181 no. 2,3,4, and 6.

    Skiaouros has made mp3 of Zwv 15. You can download it bottom at Start-page.

    The 2 movements so far in public repository, Kyrie 1 & 2, is grand music.

    If you have listen to other works with brass and timpani (Zwv 175 or Zwv 11), you can hear the composer using those instruments in another manner in Missa Eucharistica .
    In older work Zelenka often uses the brass instruments in some sort of ecco, either repeating a tema or repeating an ostinat. In Kyrie1 Zwv 15, he uses the brass in new style, more "classic".

    I have long waited how Zwv15 & 16 sounds like, because they were composed when Zelenka was changing style. And as i hoped, Missa Eucharistica has new elements looking toward the 5 late masses.

    Thank you Skiarouros for sharing this mp3.


    Yo Shaun !

    What ideas and activities for the Zelenka society do you have in mind ?

    Here is some thoughts;
    As I understand it, this site is sponsored. But next year it will not be sponsored anymore. In worst case the site will go down. A really sad thought indeed.

    If we form a society, members can each year pay a small amount of money to rent space somewhere so this site can still exist. The more members we get, the less we pay for site.

    In a way, we have already something forming. Alistair being site manager and the sole reason why this site came into being. We have people writing in forum, and Skiaouros and me creating midi and mp3 of unrecorded works.

    In the long run I hope a group of Zelenka fans can pull the right strings so more of his works get recorded. Sadly most recordings coming out last few years are either more instrumental works already recorded several times, or old recordings being re-produced.

    Hope to get feedback on this.


    Yo Skiaouros !

    Sorry for late replay. Busy RL :eek: put my mind off this site for a while. But Im back!

    Yes, I would be delighted to hear your midi version of Missa Divi Xaverii ZWV12 and Regina Coeli ZWV129. Have a feeling you read Stockigt's book and made the midi from there :) . Can you mail them to me ? I think my e-mail is located somewhere in the MembersList.

    I got inspired and wanted to try to make a midi myself of an unrecorded work by our composer. Gippo mentioned this site where a page from ZWV1b is displayed.
    I got a trial editor and midi program from…10192629.html?tag=lst-0-1.
    After 2 late evenings I had a midi of the work mentioned above! Cool compotition. Looking forward when its released with real instruments. (Yeah, Im an optimist. It will be released sometime.)
    The difficult part was how to make the choir voices sound not too wierd. I ended up using clarinet-midi for Sopran and Alt, bassoon-midi for Tenor and Bass.
    What midi voices did you use for the choir ?

    How to share the midi-file with the forum ?
    I have made a html homepage, very basic but working. But how to download the midi-file from the homepage is still unknown for me. Im a lousy programmer at best. Any ideas ?

    Its here I hope our dear forum-master Alistair will take charge and say: "Hey, I make a midi library on this site. Just mail the midi-files to me ! I got too much sparetime anyway." :D JK, but is it possible for you Alistair ?
    For the site I think its a big boost to have midi-files of unrecorded works by Z.

    When you listen to Zelenka's works, early to late works, he have a very distict baseline. Especially the allegro moments. You dont find it in this work.

    Even if he is experimenting in new styles, he can't write many movements before he give himself away.

    When you listen to his two recorded requiems Zwv 46 and 48, you can hear they are typical Zelenka works, even if they are written some years apart.
    You cant say this when you listen to Zwv 45.

    The instrumentation is also interesting to look at, strings and 3 trombones. Where are the oboes ? Only the Zwv 55 Responsorias use this instrumentation, and the work is far more complex than the requiem.

    Might this be a really early work by Zelenka ?
    The only early work I have heard, is Zwv 58 Immisit Dominus pestilentiam, and 1 movement only. This is a simple piece by Zelenka.
    But compared to Zwv 45 the style is quite different.

    We know Zelenka copied lots of works. This might be one such copy. Therefore we perhaps find his typical autograph here.

    I have a recording without trombones. I have heard part of it with trombones and are tempted to buy a new record.

    The moment I love most in this requiem is the one with chalmaux, oboe, strings and solo voices. A very well written polyphonic piece.

    The moment starts with tenor, soprano, chalmaux and strings in minor key. The harmonies between soprano and chalmaux sounds really nice.
    When the moment changes key to major, the oboe begins to play. Great effect.

    P.Johnson, what part of the requiem appeals especially to you ?

    Lunchbreak over :)

    Hi !
    Before i start, I must compliment Alistair for making this forum possible. Wonderful :D

    I got an idea.
    There are too many unrecorded works of our dear composer. Some of you who have already written here, play in a chamber group or larger. I play myself in a little group consisting a singer, treble recorder, flute and classical guitarcontinue( Yeah thats me. My basoon have taken a break for some years because of timelimit; wife, kids, work etc.)

    What if we try to get our hands on an unrecorded score and make a soundtrack of it and post it here ? Even if we dont use the orginal instrumentation, we would get an impression how the work sound.

    Who knows, perhaps someone with the right connections gets inspired and it ends up in a new recording.

    Got the idea from where they make midifiles from beethovenfragments never recorded. Some of the midifiles have later ended up being recorded.

    What do you think about this ?