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    Hi, Alistair. You make it sound as though all the Zelenka works have been recorded.

    A quick count from the "Works" search page has shown me that 125 of roughly 250 works written by (or attributed to) Zelenka are still unrecorded.

    On an otherwise lovely CD from Passacaille with new insights into how the lamentations might be performed, there seems to have been a track mix-up. The two Zelenka tracks are 7 and 8, not 7 and 15. Pity.

    I love the performances.

    I get what you are saying, but "the proof of the pudding" is in the whole experience of the performance. From the musical snippets on the Nibiru website, I am thoroughly convinced that Adam Viktora and his choice of singers have managed the great time divide in a convincing and appropriate way. I for one will be ordering this CD. :p

    Zelenka and Martinu - parallel composers.

    What am I talking about? Zelenka was a baroque composer of the 18th century and Martinu was a post-Romantic composer of the twentieth century. So where is the parallel between them?

    - Both were "Czechs" more or less (Bohemia/Moravia).

    - Both "studied" in Prague.

    - Each spent a great many years away from his homeland.

    - Each has been labelled "different", i.e. not quite normal from a social point of view. (I'll return to this).

    - Neither of them composed music that was especially "easy on the ear". Some degree of work (= time?) is necessary in order to appreciate what they composed. In a nutshell, in both cases it is intellectually challenging.

    - Each appears to have been capable of incredibly speedy composition (or at least getting it down on paper). We know that Martinu had compositions virtually ready in his head, but we don't know too much in that respect about Zelenka, except that some compositions (e.g. ZWV 46 and 47) went very quickly.

    - Each composed successful music for the "stage".

    - Each was quite prolific.

    Of course, Zelenka had a strong religious slant to his music (perhaps mainly because of his employment circumstances, meaning that any instrumental music that he might have produced in later years did/could not come about).

    What I referred to above regarding Martinu's personality is that he is judged by a medical doctor who knew him (and whose parents knew him) to have had Asperger's syndrome. Such people have difficulties in relationships with others, for example in empathising. It would be entirely wrong to make any extrapolations to Zelenka in this respect, but who knows?:o

    I have heard the CD a couple of times now and I like the performance very much. The Kyrie at the start is taken quite quickly, but by the end of the piece I was quite convinced that Bernius knew what he was doing.

    The tempos of the other numbers are not very different from on the Wennert recording on Thorofon. So Lucs is the odd man out in that respect.

    I suspect that (yet again) Bernius' reading will shine through as the definitive recording of a late Zelenka mass. The actual quality of the recording is very good too.

    Interesting point of view, Scott. I wouldn't have said that the absence of scoring for tenor and bass was necessarily a flaw in the music. That may have been stipulated by the powers that existed (either for practical reasons, or perhaps because one or other of the bridal pair was particularly taken by the soprano voice).

    On the other hand, I do think that the arias are on the long side. Having said that, I think that the work is still fantastic and that the recording should go straight into the list of recommended recordings!
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    Thank you. This is extremely interesting. I must ask you two rather obvious questions. What size would Zelenka's violone have been in relation to the size of a modern cello? And would he have been standing while playing, or sitting with it in the cello position?

    OK, this was Andrew Hinds' idea but I think it's time. More than 200 Zelenka CDs must have been produced. Would forum members like to list their top 10 Zelenka CDs, starting with their very best as number 1?

    The title of the CD, the performers and the name of the label should be enough for each entry.

    Greetings. It just struck me that one superb Zelenka interpreter, Rademann, has not produced a CD with music of Zelenka for a long time. It is nearly 9 years since the Te Deum came out on Carus, and even longer since his Missa Dei Filii interpretation appeared on Raum Klang.

    During this past decade, Rademann has done several concert performances of Zelenka's music. We almost got a live recording of Missa Votiva on disc after a performance in Dresden 3 years ago but the project was cancelled a few weeks after the recording. He has also performed other very interesting Zelenka material.

    So, Mr Rademann, what's the problem? You have a wonderful talent, and the beautiful Zelenka performances you do seem to survive only in people's memories. (If anyone has contact with him, please show him this!) :p
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    I'm really looking forward to the upcoming recording of the Serenata ("Il Diamante") by Adam Viktora and Ensemble Inegal. Something that I didn't know but recently found out (from another forum member) is that the recent performance in Prague was not the first. The modern premi?re was in October 1992 in Aarhus in Denmark, under Soren Hansen. Another thing I learned is that the Vivaldi scholar Michael Talbot was rather negative about the work at the Zelenka conference of 1995, but he was apparently talking/writing about ZWV 277(!) :D
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    I see that it is already in the database of recordings on this site, but I just wanted to point out that last year Japanese BMG reissued Ren? Jacobs' wonderful recording of the Lamentations (from the early eighties). I found it on Amazon as a new item, and the CD came to me from New Zealand! It appears to be temporarily out of stock on Amazon, but it would be worth searching for. The number is BMG/Deutsche Harmonia Mundi BVCD-38203.:o
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    Interesting stuff. Thanks for letting us know.

    Yes, the whole work has been recorded on Supraphon by Marek Stryncl, Musica Florea, and distinguished soloists and choir. This not the countertenor on the Supraphon recording, however.

    Oh, oh, that "portrait" of Zelenka (surely Fux?) has turned up again... Perhaps Zelenka thought so much of Fux, his teacher in Vienna, that he began to look like him...!
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