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    I was hoping to prepare a modern edition of Zelenka's other 1744 litany, Salus infirmorum ZWV 152. However, only the autograph of the first two movements survived (and is available from the SLUB).

    Did anyone ever get hold of a complete manuscript of this litany? RISM tells me there should be copies in Milano (I-Mc) and Praha (CZ-Pkřiž).


    Thanks for pointing out the mistake in the Sub tuum praesidium. I included it in my errata.
    Concerning the spelling genetrix vs genitrix: I simply preferred the former version (to my ears, it sounds slightly softer, at least if pronounced in the German tradition). What is more, there were plenty of references in Wiktionary's genetrix article.

    You found all of my recent Zelenka editions on IMSPL, so I only have to announce the following one:
    Antonio Caldara: Missa Providentiae (including the Credo ZWV 31 by Zelenka)
    (Note: Most of the lyrics are missing in the Credo, which is why I had to reconstruct them -- see the preface. This movement is stunning, especially the Amen fugue which prominently features the passus duriusculus - a fugue could not be more "Zelenkian" ;) ).

    To conclude the late masses:
    Announcing a modern edition of Zelenka's Missa Omnium Sanctorum ZWV Z 21, including, as usual, the complete score, parts and LilyPond 2.18.0 engraving files.

    rnkt: I sincerely hope that Zelenka did *not* compose the missing movements of the Missa Dei Filii, otherwise I would have to grieve for this (doubtlessly great, but) lost music …

    Elwro: Using Duffner's OTF files with LuaLaTeX/fontspec/microtype would be my usual approach (which I followed, for example, in my thesis). However, I have to admit that I simply wrote the front matter with LibreOffice (and "faked" a few typographic features :o ).

    Announcing modern editions of the following works (including the complete score, parts and LilyPond 2.18.0 engraving files):

    • Missa Dei Filii ZWV Z 20
      (Note: The final movement proved quite challenging. It seems Zelenka did not complete some sections towards the end of the fugue, e.g., T. bars 663ff or A. 704ff. Moreover, there are almost no bass figures in the Cum Sancto Spirito. I took the liberty to add appropriate bass figures and tried to complement the missing voices. Of course, I documented my interventions in the critical remarks.)

    • Sub tuum praesidium ZWV Z 157
      (I prepared those ten movements already back in November, but almost forgot them -- what a shame! Zelenka used some really nice contrapuntal ideas in these settings.)

    I must admit that I never had a closer look at Frescobaldi … I've been using Kile ( for my LaTeX documents since I switched to Linux a decade ago, and when I started creating scores with Lilypond, I just sticked to this editor.

    I plan to submit also the source code of the finished mass to IMSLP, so you are welcome to let my engraving files inspire you :) .

    BTW: I uploaded the Benedictus, Only one movement to go …

    Rik1  rnkt:
    Thanks for pointing out the mistake in bar 139 / V.II. I corrected it in the source code, and the final version of the mass will of course contain the correct note. (For some reason, I regularly mix up a and e when entering music ... :confused: ). I will also put an e' in bar 193 / V.I+II, since this is the more neutral choice (compared to a g).

    Thanks, that is why I have been working with Lilypond for almost ten years. I use this layout (which is mainly influenced from the layout of the the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe) for all my scores. Lilypond uses Century Schoolbook as the default font, which belongs to a family of typefaces with a long history (see

    I uploaded the Credo today.
    Asterisks (e.g., in bars 31 and 42) denote parts of the score where I introduced changes compared to the manuscript. Those changes will be annotated in the critical report, which I am preparing alongside the score. (I will also add annotation marks to the Kyrie and Gloria of the final version)

    EDIT: It was a productive weekend; thus, the Sanctus is also available.

    Dear All,

    I've started a free edition of Zelenka's Missa Votiva, since I would really like to perform it with our ensemble.
    Currently, only the Kyrie is finished, but I'm confident that the remaining movements will follow soon. (The mass is scheduled for a performance in (late) 2017, so it may take some time …)

    See here:…AACBUf4SHu2lVjhTcJpwigwBa

    The score likely contains some mistakes, so I would appreciate your feedback.

    best regards