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    Does anyone have an exact reference to the correspondence between J.S. Bach and Zelenka, or to the passage where Bach's admiration for Zelenka is spoken of (by one of Bach's sons, I believe)? I have heard of Bach's admiration for JDZ but would like to read the original source.

    1) I'm a Heinrich Biber fanatic (I consider him one of the very greatest baroque composers) and I read where a music critic yoked together Biber and Zelenka as two baroque masters who were currently undergoing a rediscovery. Of course, Biber and Zelenka were both Bohemian, and the Bohemian Catholic style interests me very much. Being somewhat of a baroque specialist, I'm looking out for new baroque "discoveries". I started to find everything I could about him on the internet, and I stumbled on the Discover Zelenka website just today. I'm more intrigued than ever, and I'm anxious to hear a recording of one of his Masses.

    2) Yes, I play violin in a professional symphony orchestra, and I also play baroque violin in a student baroque orchestra.

    3) No.

    4) No.

    5) I just purchased the Helios recording of the Lamentations of Jeremiah.

    6) No.