You [Zelenka], most highly praised, perfect Virtuoso / your fame – all of your own making – is world-renowned and great; / to the glory of God and in order to delight the soul / you compose church music / which is so touching that the rapt breast / has a foretaste of the heavenly pleasures; / so your own praise will forever keep your name green, / both here on Earth and on the platform of the stars.

Johann Gottlob Kittel (1740)

This page presents a selection of quotations pertaining to J.D. Zelenka – the majority of which have been sourced from programme notes accompanying various CD recordings – grouped into different categories. Some have been translated (mostly from German), while others have been taken verbatim. It is hoped that these quotations can distill some of the insights and opinions of prominent scholars and/or commentators regarding Zelenka's standing and the qualities of his music. See also the FAQ page for additional information.


Music (general)

Late masses

Instrumental music

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