Online Meeting

  • My fellow Zelenkolleagues,

    it has come to pass that the Virus be all over the globe, and we, music professionals and/or enthusiasts were vanquished, fleeing to our homes, never (?) to return to concert halls, pubs, churches, universities, pubs, and also other venues.

    Hence, I do propose an Online Meeting where we could rise against this oppressing force together! And also, like, tell jokes and just... talk, about anything... but especially Zelenka! What do you say?

    On a serious note, it would be great to see and speak with you all! There are a few technical ways we could do this, though. Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Discord (just audio, etc... which one would you prefer?

    Also, I would imagine that many of you are from Australia... who would have guessed? So, the only reasonable time slot I see in a given day is around 9am G.M.T.

    Anyway, greetings from Prague, and hopefully see you soon!
    All the best, take care,


  • Hi Odie,

    I would definitely be up for such a meeting :cool:. It would be good to chat about Zelenka &c.

    Let us all hope that this virus crisis situation will ease off by October for the next Zelenka Festival & Conference in Prague.

    All the best,


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