Greetings from BrightCecilia!

  • I found your wonderful site and forum while searching for Zelenka recordings and biography. I came across him years ago when a trio sonata came on the radio. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I was cooking at the time and my knife froze above the chopping board as this extraordinary stuff came out of the radio. I've been fascinated by him ever since. I see there's still no picture of him! :p

    I help run a classical music forum and social networking site and needed info for a Zelenka thread. I'm not here to advertise the site, but if anyone's interested, here's a direct link. I see you keep a diary of up-coming Zelenka concerts. I'll put them in the brightcecilia calendar, if that's alright, and keep watch for London concerts and report them here.

    With best wishes


  • Dear Philidor,

    Thanks for the complimentary things you wrote about the site and the forum, and for the links to it that have appeared on

    Despite what someone has written somewhere, we are not all academics. We just come across as being serious-minded, probably because we are!

    Best wishes.


  • Here's the offending text. I was extolling the virtues of this forum and someone suggested inviting you over for a cup of tea. I responded:


    You bet. That forum's fantastic. It's populated by academics who jump up and down with joy each time they re-discover a Zelenka manuscript. For a long time it was thought, wrongly, that much Zelenka had been destroyed by British Bomber Command in the Dresden firestorm of 1945. But they turned up in Russia!


    No offence intended and none taken I hope! It was meant as a high compliment.

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